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Schmendrix · 5224

Sp//dr isn't like some other low hand-size heroes. She isn't resource constrained (ahem, Hulk) - as you build her Interface Upgrade suite, you'll quickly find she's got cash to burn. However, she is option constrained; you may find it hard to spend all your resources productively each turn.

This deck turns to Leadership to address this issue, using the SHIELD stand-bys Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Kaluu (h/t journeyman2) to provide more deck cycling, and Make the Call to increase your options further by providing access to allies in your discard. We're going to convert these options into board control and our wincon primarily via spamming Sp//dr's basic actions, though we're going to power them up with Symbiote Suit, R&D Facility, and Go All Out.

If blueberry SP//dr isn't your flavor, stay tuned for other decks from other builders:



It's important to understand some basic features of playing with Sp//dr. First, her Sp//dr Interface Pilot (the reverse of her AE side) gives her instant access to one wild resource a turn. So she has more spending power and a wild resource in hero mode instantaneously; the wild means that she fears no kicker. Second, All Systems Go! is a three-of that is an extremely powerful tutor early game and then a massive power boost late game. Third, Sp//dr likes to dump stuff into her discard; Aunt May and Uncle Ben are very useful draw tools at all stages, but they come at the cost of milling your deck (a bit like MaxX in Netrunner). Finally, she's extremely flexible thanks to Sp//dr Command, which can help ready key Interfaces for your build or get you draw in a pinch with unused Interfaces.

We're going to try and take advantage of all four of these features in this deck.

Mulligan and your first turn

Our mulligan is going to be focused on getting Host Spider, All Systems Go (to tutor Host Spider) or, if you're drawing dead and feeling lucky, Symbiote Suit. Depending on the scenario and the level of early board pressure, you can also use Peni Parker's Alter-Ego Action to draw two by exhausting Sp//dr Suit; if you've hit Host Spider or All Systems Go and the board pressure is manageable, this is a nice play to try and secure other key pieces (Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Sp//dr Command). Then your first turn is going to be flip up, play All Systems Go to grab Host Spider or play Host Spider immediately using Sp//dr Interface Pilot (reverse of your AE) as one of your 4 resources. Now you instantly have two activations to clear threat or deal damage.

Early game - deck acceleration

From this point forward, we're looking to accelerate through our deck using Nick Fury, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Gamora (via Make the Call), Maria Hill, Web of Life and Destiny. We want to play every Interface we draw; our activations are critical to keeping the board in check while we do. So is our large life pool; don't be afraid to tank hits liberally, but your allies should also provide a screen. As you build your board, every time you draw Make the Call should prompt you to consider Nick Fury if he's in your discard. Even if you have to exhaust every Interface to pay for him, you stand decent odds to draw into one of your 3x All Systems Go which can reset your Interfaces. The deck does provide doubles and The Power in All of Us so that you generally shouldn't have to pay for Nick with Interfaces.

As you go, you'll find yourself building up a strong resource advantage from the Interfaces you're not planning to use each turn (looking at you, Speed-Metal Alloy) and Sp//dr's over-the-curve attack and thwart events (2 for 5 and a stun, 2 for 6 thwart from one scheme or split between two schemes). It's this resource advantage we'll aim to use to close the game.

Late game - high-powered activation spam

Once your Interface suite is in place, it's time to see if we can drop an R&D Facility, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Symbiote Suit, and Sp//dr Command to create a brutally efficient ready engine. With the Host Spider, every R&D Facility Token is worth at least 2 damage/thwart; Sp//dr Command refreshing Host Spider, Limitless Stamina, All Systems Go, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) all provide additional readies that can make each token worth 4 or 5 damage or thwart. And Go All Out can super-charge one of our exhaustions. A late-game Go All Out to hit for 8-11 (depending on Symbiote Suit) followed by a swing for 5-6 (with Web Fluid Compressor) followed by another swing for 5-6 (thanks to All Systems Go) is not uncommon. That's our path to victory! I also included a cheeky 1x Lead from the Front which is very fun when it hits but totally win-more.

A special note: Ven#m

Ven#m is one of the most powerful allies in the game. Late-game, she can easily be dropped at 5 attack/thwart. Make the Call is extremely useful to keep her around and I'm sure there's a very powerful Ven#m spam ready and recursion Leadership deck to be made. This isn't it, but she's a useful resource should you need her.

Tips and tricks

  • Ejection Protocol is great Caught Off Guard insurance, especially early game.

  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker) can be played from discard with Make the Call with any combination of resources.

  • Don't forget about the Sp//dr Interface Pilot reverse AE side! It's easy to overlook that spare wild resource as your board grows. But it's super handy to make sure you can always hit the Go All Out resource requirement.

  • When you exhaust your AE to recover, you don't exhaust your hero. Your recovery is not competing with your hero side activation; it's just giving up a resource from the Interface. Use your health as a resource! You can get it back pretty easily. It's like Aunt May is on the table from turn 1.

  • You can swap Symbiote Suit for something else, like Spider-Man (Hobie Brown) or Down Time.

Closing words

I hope you enjoy SP//dr-ing your way through Marvel Champions. Nothing else like it in all the best ways. Thanks, MJ!



Jul 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 21912

Stamp it! I need to hire whoever edits your decks down to readable chunks. Crisp. Tart. Sweet as a blueberry even

Jul 15, 2022 Schmendrix · 5224

Thanks, @journeyman2! Really appreciated your insights on this one.

Jul 15, 2022 dr00 · 41336

SP//dr looks good in blue!

Jul 17, 2022 Brian-V · 43785

This deck looks solid! But where's the Schmendrix-patented 41st card? I was going to test a Sp//dr Leadership deck, now I don't have to. Great work.

Jul 17, 2022 dr00 · 41336

@mikepelf stole his 41st card

Jul 17, 2022 wave · 1

Why is Gamora in here? you can't even use her for anything other than pitching her.

Jul 17, 2022 Schmendrix · 5224

@wave - great question! You can play Gamora with Make the Call. Then she can go grab you your powerful events.

Jul 17, 2022 Schmendrix · 5224

@Brian-V - lol, this did cross my mind. I was so proud of myself for my discipline. And I really don't want a single solitary card getting in the way of me and All Systems Go! I'd cut this deck to like 25 if I could.

Jul 17, 2022 wave · 1

@Schmendrix how does make the call get around not being a guardian to play her? I'm sorry I am not following here lol.

Jul 17, 2022 wave · 1

Is it the part that she just gets "put" into play vs you playing her that is the work around here?

Jul 17, 2022 dr00 · 41336

@wave yes, that's exactly right. play and put into play are two different things in the game (despite being very similar)