Ms. Marvel Leader of the Champions

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KennedyHawk · 1713

This is a Ms. Marvel Leadership deck I've been monkeying with. I know Leadership doesn't have any synergy with Ms. Marvel's ability or Shrink and Embiggen! but the true The Power of Leadership comes from Strength In Numbers and the insane card draw it can provide. Your goal is simple:

-Deck Pass 1: Play 2-3 cheap allies and your supports and ugprades. Get 9-10 things on the board and just manage threat with your allies. -Deck Pass 2: Play Strength in Numbers every turn. Try to always have one under Bruno so you can basically play with a handsize of 10. Laugh as you play Big Hands 4 times per turn.

If you are fortunate enough to play in multiplayer and can be promoted to an Honorary Avenger consider running that card yourself and some Avengers Assemble! for double the Strength In Numbers action!

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