Adam Warlock - True Avatar of Life (Legacy) [Mix]

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Michaelangelo · 3909

This deck is part of Project Post-con: building a ready to use deck for each existing hero, just using the available card copies of buying each pack once. This does not only enable fast pick-and-play, but it also makes each deck feel unique, as not everyone is using the same powerhouse cards. Each deck is intended to be fun and usable in expert mode, but none will be the absolute strongest possible due to the card limitations. Looking for other decks? Search for the Post-con tag.

Project Post-con Version 1 (Cards up to a and including Valkyrie release)

Further notes to be added.

A comment on the deck size, as going over 40 cards is quite rare in this project: Adam is one of the few heroes where I like to play a deck larger than 40. The reasons are (1) his versatility and access to the discard allows him to fetch crazy combo's and find a card for every situation. But then you need to have all the cards available. He suffers a lot less from the drop in consistency as he does not rely on repeats of cards anyway. The only set-back is getting his Mystic Senses asap, but I come to that in the next point. (2) With a lot of upgrades and his preference to discard from the deck, his deck easily thins. 45 seemed an good amount in play-testing to still get his Soul World off, find his mystic senses in time and limit encounters. (3) having more aspect cards improves the odds of Karmic Blast and Cosmic Awareness (4) the project aims for versatility and a non-40 card deck adds to this.