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Aoshi312 · 1210

My goal with this deck was to create my first deck using Venom and wanting to play a deck that utilized the Guardians of the Galaxy.

This deck has beaten every quest on expert released to date(up to the end of Galaxy’s Most Wanted) including Ronan.

The deck design is simple. Support Venom in any way possible to do what he does best and then get out of his way!

The allies are all Guardians. I went with Leadership so I could include Yondu and the guardian supports in that aspect as well as the triskellion.

Primarily what you want to do is get Venoms multigun out as soon as possible. After that, Venom is so incredibly versatile that he can handle most everything.

Venom is a Jack of all trades, Master of all. He can attack, thwart, defend, stun, confuse, draw cards and heal.

Mulligan for Multigun (so good), Locked and Loaded (grab multigun), Spider-Sense(card draw) and Project Rebirth (You can play it and then use it to replace itself)

Once you have a couple guns down, you mostly will focus on matching resources for venom events based on need. Thwart and Confuse when you need to flip down. Savage attack to deal with a pesky minion. Grasping Tendrils can buy you two turns. Dont forget that Symbiotic Bond is once per phase so dont make the mistake of spending two cards to pay for it. The helicarrier can lower the cost to require less resource match on your thwart and attack events but doesnt work on your defense event.

Play down allies when you can and try your best to keep them alive. Your primary goal is to get 3 - 5 out and then use strength in numbers for extra Venom card draw and huge turns. Near the end game, pop a Blaze of Glory and watch the villain fall apart.

I often defend with Venom once he has his pistols down since I can then bring him back up with Run and Gun. Always keep track of your grasping tendrils. You dont want to flip down and draw into it because it would have allowed you to stay up longer. I often will hold onto grasping tendrils rather than spending it as a resource since it is just that good.

Other setup cards in order of importance (none are necessary, all are helpful) :

Helicarrier - makes everything cheaper

Knowhere - mild card draw, extra ally slot

Team Building Exercise - play your allies cheaper (comes out with one power in all of us)

Triskelion - Extra Ally slot

Team training - keep your allies

Endurance - health boost

Booster Boots - doesnt work with Symbiotic bond but still a great way to stay in hero form a little while longer

Allies (primarily for card draw):

Drax - punch the villain, thwart with multigun to take down 3 threat scheme

Gamora - Grab and extra venom event

Groot - Put reinforced suit on him and drop team training and this dude is a defensive power house. 2 Attack minions cant touch you. 1 Attack minions heal you. He can solidly defend most villains for a few turns.

Rocket- Minion duty

Star-lord- Cheap! great for last minute desperate thwarting

Yondu - Free attacks! Great for tough cards. Ignores retaliate. Put a Laser Blaster on him

Thats pretty much it! Ive found this deck to be PURE FUN. Every turn feels like you have three or four possible moves and there are fun decisions to be made. He's also an absolute powerhouse. With the exception of 4 villains, everyone went down on the first try. Ronan (7 tries), Nebula (5 tries), Zola (5 tries), Klaw (2 tries because I drew no guns in my opening hands, pulled a laser blaster on setup and then flipped into my nemesis first villain turn)

Please let me know what you think of the deck and if you have any questions. Sorry if it isnt formatted the best. I lost my first write up when I went to save it and had to start from scratch again.


Sep 23, 2021 dr00 · 40709

looks like a really fun deck! i love the combo of Knowhere and Team-Building Exercise, and i can never say no to a deck with Strength In Numbers lol

Sep 23, 2021 InigoMontoya · 4256

I like this deck a lot. Gonna try it out ASAP. Any reason you left out Guardians of the Galaxy? It feels like a perfect fit for more card draw.

Sep 23, 2021 monty_ratarsed · 8

@InigoMontoya I think becouse, only three cards in all deck activate that card! One of this (Laser Blaster) goes to Yondu.

Sep 24, 2021 Aoshi312 · 1210

@InigoMontoya first of all I love your name!

2 reasons: A) I don’t own that card yet B) @monty_ratarsed is right, it just wouldn’t be worth it the way the current deck is set up. The allies really are secondary. I don’t attach much to them.

Sep 24, 2021 Aoshi312 · 1210

@dr00 coming from you that is high praise! You wakanda forever deck is one of the first decks i ever played in the game! I love that deck so much.

Sep 24, 2021 dr00 · 40709

@Aoshi312 oh thank you so much for saying! i'm glad to see it live on in other decks like this one. venom is such a fun hero, and i think a lot of people overlooked leadership, but you've found a really good strategy with him that also looks like a lot of fun to play

Sep 26, 2021 drexler · 1

I'm a big fan of Venom with grey guardians! In my experience you can swap in a dash of any color and make it work. I personally settled on protection for some healing cards.

Sep 26, 2021 Aoshi312 · 1210

@drexler Completely agree. He’s the prime hero to play with grey guardians. I’ll definitely try a protection deck with him at some point. I’m sure he’s a beast with defensive events thanks to his ability

Oct 05, 2021 Ghabriel007 · 1

i created a similar deck and it was super fun to play! think I went a bit heavier on attachments, but venom grey leadership is incredibly fun and versatile.

Oct 08, 2021 takabrash · 1

This deck is so good solo! I just played through the MTS Campaign this afternoon- clean sweep!

Dec 08, 2021 Aoshi312 · 1210

@takabrash thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Sep 15, 2023 energythief · 14

@Aoshi312 this deck is a BEAST! Just had the most amazing finish to scenario 1 in the Mad Titan’s Shadow campaign, detailed here:

Thank you for this decklist!

Oct 04, 2023 Aoshi312 · 1210

@energythief thanks! Still one of my favorite decks ever!