Venom Confuse Lock!

IlEmperatore · 18446

Hi! I'm IlEmperatore, a Spanish YouTuber who dedicates his channel exclusively to share Marvel Champions content since the game came out:

The idea of this deck is so simple: 10 cards to confuse the enemy, like Concussive Blow "Think Fast!" Behind Enemy Lines and Sonic Rifle and 6/11 cards to deal a lot of damage to a confused enemy, like Scare Tactic Swift Retribution or the mentioned Concussive Blow or Sonic Rifle.

It's an agressive deck at the same time that you can turn when you want to heal yourself with basic 4 recuperation and 3 more with Project Rebirth 2.0.

So awesome deck. Take care! :D


Jul 20, 2021 MrMimigma · 2023

Thanos gonna be the worst Nighmare for this Venom with his stalwart.

Nice Deck

Jul 22, 2021 KANENAIJAA · 1

Testing something similar, but instead of Jessica Jones and Nick Fury, I have Gamora and Speed: Thomas Shepherd. I also added Pivotal Moment for extra damage after thwarts. I'm considering using Beat Cop for threat/minion removal.

Jul 23, 2021 Wittebaard · 13

Wow, very good deck! I didn't feel like the Side Holster and Sonic Rifle really were important enough to keep in, so I swapped them out for 2x Multitasking and 2x Making an Entrance so that the physical value of the deck is higher. Also, I swapped out Jack Flag for Ironheart, because card draw is insane. Hopefully there will be even more confuse cards in the future to really make Venom insanely powerful!

Jul 23, 2021 EpicoTocino · 1

Wow. Nunca me hubiese imaginado que tu canal es en Esp! LOL. Que bien! Te agregare y revisare tu contenido despues :)

Jul 31, 2021 Ender72 · 1

Un gran canal

Aug 18, 2021 JA792010 · 1

Don't have Scarlet Witch yet so Swift Retribution. What might be a good substitute for now?

Aug 20, 2021 Desmut · 2

Eres un CRACK, ya tienes dos decks que lo estan petando.

Sep 02, 2021 2sith4u · 1

Have you considered Helicarrier? I thought it would make it easier to hit his "paid with only XXX resource" triggers?

Sep 13, 2021 aliano · 1

Hi !
Nice deck, i just wonder since i did not have : Drax, Ms Marvel and Scarlet witch . Did someone has a temporary good alternative for : 3x Think fast 3x Swift retribution 3x Concussive blow

I currently have : Red skull expansion, Captain America, Venom, Core set, Doctor Strange and Gamora.

Oct 19, 2021 MacGhille · 194

I played this two-handed a few times with an Aggression Quicksilver. I discovered I almost never used Concussive Blow or Swift Retribution.

Concussive got waylaid because everything else in the deck was so cheap and effective that I almost always preferred playing two (and occasionally three) other cards to just playing Concussive.

Swift Retribution got resourced all the time because it would knock the 'confusion' off the villain, which was almost always counter-productive for me. Could have been timing, but I just never wanted the villain to scheme because this was the first Justice deck I had played that didn't deal with threat very directly.

I think this deck built your way is bonkers if you are playing one-handed solo. You basically get to spin down to AE and heal up for free, and then deal damage with cards instead of basic attacks. I really love it. Thank you for contributing this to the community.

Jul 11, 2022 wojciech · 7

Really like it. I would change Concussive Blow with something different like Multitasking, Beat Cop, Making an Entrance (if need THW) or Pivotal Moment (if nee dmg). Concussive Blow is quite expensive and IMO no need so much confuses. I would change Jessica Jones for Gamora, Wiccan or Daredevil

Jul 15, 2022 wojciech · 7

In my opinion very slow deck, but after a couple of rounds of preparation, Venom is a monster. However "steady" villains are much harder to beat. Thanos and his stalwart will be very tough...

May 11, 2023 Morik_Trask · 1

I added Cypher to this. When he attacks a Confused enemy, you draw a card.

May 11, 2023 Morik_Trask · 1

Cypher is from Next Evolution, I believe.