Iron Hulk

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zachbunn · 92

On launch weekend, I let the rest of my team choose their heroes and aspects first and I was left with aggression. I started looking through the cards and decided to build a deck completely around two cards: Hulk and Repulsor Blast.

This is the deck that resulted and I couldn’t be happier with it! I had an absolute blast playing it and ended up actually being very good. Building Ironman and hitting repulsor blasts consistently for 7+ damage is amazing.

If you’re playing with a protection player, you can even keep Hulk on the board for an insanely long time. Even if he is healed for 2-damage twice, the amount of damage you ultimately get out of Hulk is absurd.


Nov 09, 2019 FadeXIII · 1

I imagine this lasts would paste quite well onto ms marvel as well

Nov 11, 2019 nammyle · 1


Nov 11, 2019 zachbunn · 92

"Where ever he went, Nam was always there to greet him with a friendly Z A C H."

Hope you're loving this game as much as I am, @nammyle!