Cost: 2.

Max 1 per phase.

Hero Action: You get +2 THW, +2 ATK, and +2 DEF until the end of the round.

"Ever been punched at supersonic speed?" — Quicksilver
Ramon Bachs
Quicksilver #5. Quicksilver #8-9.
Maximum Velocity

This is a great card. For 2 resources, you're getting a minimum of 4 additional threat removal and/or damage (since you can ready Quicksilver after doing a basic action, then boosting your defense by 2 for when he inevitably defends at least once during the villain phase.

High priority to put this back into your deck with Serval Industries.

MightySchoop · 32
I would use serval industries for always be running as top priority it's still a great card but gets a lot better when you have an always be running as well — XPGamer · 37