Cost: 2.

Hero Action: Choose two of the following (you may choose the same option twice):

- Deal 2 damage to an enemy.

- Remove 2 threat from a scheme.

Ramon Bachs
Quicksilver #4. Quicksilver #6-7.
Double Time

All three options on this card are decent, but not amazing. This card is very flexible, letting you split up your damage/thwart across 2 targets, or apply it to just one target.

A key thing to point out here is that, while the card is a Hero Action, it is NOT an Attack or Thwart event, so this card bypasses Stun, Confuse, and Guard.

Due to the wording on Crisis, this card cannot bypass Crisis Icons.

MyLtlePwny · 13
Not wrong, still this card does a better job than a lot of other cards. Compare it to, say, Captain Marvel's "Crisis Interdiction", which requires a very specific condition to do as well as ONE of the choices on Double Time... Really feels like some of the original cards have been downgraded compared to what's available right now. — neothechosen · 1575