Dance-Off, Bro. Me and You!

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StayOnTheLeader · 1744

Adjusted version of my earlier take on this It's gained some focus now and it's become one of my favourite and more hilarious decks.


  • Flipped Power in All of Us to Power of Leadership. All the 2 cost stuff was Leadership, the basics are more expensive and you're more likely to use Star-Lords ability on them anyway.
  • Ally changes mixed - Wonder Man is perfect for both Strength In Numbers and Blaze of Glory. Mockingbird good for Strength In Numbers. Black Knight to clear Tough and help you slam in Sliding Shots etc.
  • 2x Blaze of Glory, which has solidified as What This Deck is Trying To Do Rocket and Groot removed to go into teammates decks for Blaze of Glory

Star-Lord is very very quick and reckless. Spamming allies helps him to stay alive when the wrong encounter cards get thrown at him. Strength In Numbers helps him play more allies and build more momentum. Blaze of Glory is how he finishes. It's not uncommon to have 3 allies in play on the first turn, and I've even had games where I have 3 allies on turn 1 and then 3 completely different allies on turn 2! If you see Star-Lord's Helmet you'll go through your deck so fast that it's easy to do.

The key part of Blaze of Glory is that it's ALL Guardians characters - not just yours but all your teammates and their allies too. You're looking to build up ridiculous game-winning turns fuelled by Blaze of Glory and the reason there's no Rocket or Groot in here is that I'm pairing him with Gamora and she's got those guys so she can have some Guardian allies in play too.

Play dudes. Draw cards. Play more dudes. Draw more cards. Windmill slam Blaze of Glory onto the table and think of something funny to say then wipe the villain off the face of the galaxy!