Target Acquired! ~ Star-Lord Aggression

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Saan · 168

This is the deck I've been pairing with Justice Gamora, and so far they've been an absolute blast to play. From Gamora's card pool and deck-building perks I figured she'd be fairly powerful, but I didn't really know how to evaluate Star-Lord, and the idea of taking more encounter cards on purpose seemed harsh. However, the power and tempo of 3 free resources a turn is undeniable, so I figured I'd mess around with the dude. Holy SHIT is it a fun time.

So right off the bat, I really think the most powerful build is probably the Avengers Leadership build, since you can just blow the villain up. The downside of the deck, though, is you kinda ignore Star-Lords hero cards and just focus on spamming allies and surviving until the big turn. His hero power being what it is, his tools end up costing quite a lot, which is why you largely end up ignoring it in favor of playing the large allies in your deck.

I kinda wanted to see what a build would look like where you focus more on his kit, and build a deck to support that. Since I wanted to pair him with the Justice Gamora deck, I thought I'd see what an Aggression build could look like. I also didn't want it to just be a Boot Camp build, because that deck also focuses more on beefy allies, and feels more like Leadership decks can. This was what I came up with, and it feels quite nice.

Yo, That's Still A Lot Of Allies

Okay, firstly, it's rude to yell. Secondly, you're correct, there's still like 7 of em in here. I figure, since one of his abilities is to turn all Allies into Guardians, and because Knowhere exists as a card, it still makes sense to play several low-cost allies. Once Knowhere is out, you get card draw, so yay! Also, you're going to want to soak up some of those hits the villain is tossing out, because staying in Hero form is great for Aggression, and Allies are still the best way to keep damage off of your hero.

The allies I've chosen are primarily chosen because they are fairly cheap. Wasp is a notable exclusion, and that's because I just don't have that many Energy icons on cards, and she doesn't work with "What could go wrong?". Bug, Hulk, and Spider-Girl all cost 2, which is great, and Angela costs a minion from the deck. Nick Fury is here because paying 1 resource for 3 cards is SICK. Drax is here because the Gamora deck I'm playing has Rocket and Groot in it, and I wanted all the Guardians between the 2 decks. Sue me.

As a notable mention, Hulk plays very well with Peter Quill's Smooth Talker, since you can drop a Strength resource on top of the deck to guarantee maximum anger from our big green friend.

I Dunno, The Other Stuff

Since I wanted to keep costs low, and I like attacking, Skilled Strike is making an appearance. It might go in favor of Lie In Wait, since you're gonna be drawing some encounter cards, lemme tell you. But for now, it's been nice to buff up the attacks a bit. A couple Moment of Triumph helps with the heals and keeping you in Hero form. Finally, I wanted to fuck with Dive Bomb, so it gets a couple copies as well. I think it's over-costed since it not only costs 4 resources, but you ALSO have to be Aerial. However, 7 damage to any target plus one to everything else is just a crap ton for a non-hero card, and Star-Lord can play it for 1 resource! I don't know if it's necessary, but it's fun when it hits.

With Knowhere, Nick Fury, Bad Boy, and Star-Lord's Helmet to get that card draw, Hall of Heroes had to show up, just to maximize the insane card draw. Godslayer is great for attacking the Villain as well as any named minions, and although it's another expensive card in a deck where I was really trying to keep things on the cheap side, it's actually pretty nice. Yeah, it means that I only get to use one Element Gun, but usually I don't have 2 cards in my hand that I want to throw away for damage, so the second one isn't usually very valuable anyhow.

Finally, Target Acquired seemed like a great card for poor Peter to have in his deck. You're already throwing encounter cards around like Gambit in a pitching contest, so helping to negate additional pain from boost effects goes a long ways, especially in GMW, where there's plenty of painful boost effects.

Wait, That's It?

Yeah, actually. It's not the flashiest deck on earth, but it does the job it's supposed to. You draw cards like a mofo, and try and pull your ass out of the fires you cause. Peter's just a blast to play.