Let's Get Physical, Physical

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jbailey86 · 87

This is a Hulk deck. This is a Jarnbjorn deck. This is a deck that smashes, chops, strikes, blocks, and tosses everything in its path. It's pretty fun. I just play it solo because of the Hulk ally, but I suppose you could bring it out in multiplayer with the right group.

Cap already has built-in physical resource generators which are good for Jarnbjorn, and adding additional fist icons into the deck helps both that card and Hulk. Lockjaw is another physical resource that also works well with Steve's Living Legend ability because you can keep it in your discard pile and wait for a turn where you to flip to alter-ego and get the discount. Lockjaw is then a good target for Enraged which is also good for Hulk. Another fun thing to do is put Honorary Avenger on Hulk for the additional hit point to get off one more Engraged attack.

The main strategy is to just focus on getting out your Serums and Helicarrier, and probably an Enhanced Physique, thwarting only when you have to or get a big Fearless Determination turn, stun as much as possible with Heroic Strike and Mockingbird, and then wreck face with Hulk and Jarnbjorn at all other times.

The drawback is that the two cards the deck is built around are both 1-ofs, but Cap's signature suite and hero ability are good enough to hold you over until you draw them.


Apr 30, 2020 jbailey86 · 87