Ant-Man - Giant Heart, Giant Punch (Decked Halls 2020)

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KennedyHawk · 14984

This holiday season KennedyHawk returns to his Decked Halls series and brings each hero a gift with a new deck built using his least used aspect for each hero. For 14 days this miniseries will provide a short deck overview of a deck Kennedy is enjoying this winter season. Whatever holiday you celebrate we hope it brings you joy and look forward to an amazing 2021. This deck focuses using Ant-Man's tiny form to keep threat off the scheme while you thin your deck. Then using readying gimmicks and Giant Strength to really take it to he villain in Giant form!

Messed up when recording - the case should be -1 Moment of Triumph +1 Hulk

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Jan 08, 2021 gutbomb · 1

Really enjoy this deck series and discussion bro, thanks for your time.