Thor And the Warriors 6 (Power of Thor Episode Deck)

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KennedyHawk · 14984

This is the Leadership Thor deck discussed by Kennedy on the MCM "Power of" series. During the episode BananaCrapshoot and Kennedy discuss all things Thor and a role he can play in all 4 aspects.. Checkout the full episode soon on the MCM Podcast feed.


Nov 07, 2020 StLion · 912

Hey, I gave this deck a spin and just wanted to ask did you include the correct Hawkeye? This one has Kate Bishop and I just thought the Clint Barton ally would work better. Just wondering. I love the feel of this deck and will play it again!

Nov 07, 2020 Wade · 1

Kate Bishop is the correct one, there's a lot of times where Thor has 1 card left and you can just dump that through Baby Hawkeye.