Black Panther Leadership Beginner Deck (Core Set Only)

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The purpose of this deck is to provide players a starting point out of the core set with zero experience with Marvel Champions, from a solo or two-player perspective (joined with the other beginner deck: Iron Man Justice).

Leadership is arguably the best aspect in the game right now, and I highly recommend giving it a go if you're having issues with Marvel Champions, even out of the core set box. The objective is simple: you want as many allies as you can spare, as allies are extremely valuable in both solo and multiplayer situations. Allies can block across the table for players, completely negating some attacks that reach the 10 damage range (so long as there's no "overkill" keyword, which is fairly rare so far in the game's lifecycle, especially as far as the core set is concerned).

In Leadership, allies can come out quicker and get more uses. Try bringing out Maria Hill so every player draws a card, use her to thwart for two, then use Get Ready to allow her to thwart for another two, killing her in the process. Then you can trigger Make the Call to bring her back into play and allow everyone to draw another card, thwarting for another two. Leadership is insanely powerful, and that's just one combo that only gets more efficient in higher player counts.

In two player with the Iron Man Justice deck you should have no problem keeping the main scheme's threat down as you pop between alter-ego and hero mode to use cards like The Golden City or recover some health.

You're probably wondering: where are all three of the double resource cards? Well, Black Panther has three Vibranium cards, which are their own free double resources. As such, I've only included Energy here (to help trigger Vision's ability), but you can also sub it out for another copy of First Aid for your allies.

As you buy more hero packs and your card pool grows, there are better options to sub in (Squirrel Girl, Wonder Man), and cards to sub out (one copy of Lead from the Front and possibly one copy of Avenger's Mansion and Helicarrier each). Good luck!