Thor, Herald of Galactus- Thor Aggression

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BananaCrapshoot · 4582

hello everyone, this deck is the focus of an article series for The Side Scheme.

This version of Thor Aggression is focusing on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to try and reset Thor as many times as possible. With combat training and Mjolnir swinging for 4 each basic ATK action repeatedly really adds up and piles on the damage quickly. Coupled with other Aggression cards this deck packs a punch and is a bunch of fun to pilot. First I’ll show a picture of the list and talk about some choices then talk about mulligan strategy and other piloting tips.

Allies: Brawn- Great Aggression ally and really helps manage the threat. Hulk- 2 cost 5 health meat shield, cheap target for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (EMH) to reset Thor. I use him mostly to defend and EMH. Spider-Girl- another cheap EMH target Tigra- Another EMH target and can help finish off some enemies if I need it.

Events: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes- This is the focus of the deck, using this to exhaust one of my 3 avenger allies to reset Thor is the whole goal here. Mean Swing- Thor starts the game with a weapon so mean swing is almost auto include here. Including Jarnbjorn just adds value so we can exhaust both weapons to get +6 if we get 2 mean swings in hand. Relentless Assault- Staple Aggro event, helps clear the board and overkill is killer, get it? Skilled Strike- Another event to buff our basic ATK, which we will be using a lot of we can get the resets going. This spot could also be battle fury to add more reset options.

Supports: Hall of Heroes- great support for Thor that really compliments his play style and game plan of swinging away at hordes of minions. Helicarrier- This could also be Quincarrier, 3 cost ramp card, nothing to bot like here.

Upgrades: Combat Training- Get Thor’s ATK to 4 and go swing away. Endurance- This coupled with Thor’s helmet gets Thor to 22 health. I only want to flip if I am going for a hall of heroes play so the more health the less I need to flip. Jarnbjorn- great aggro upgrade to use extra cards in hand and turn them into damage. Martial Prowess- really like this card, it only helps with hammer throw and relentless assaults here but it’s still worth it. Especially to guarantee overkill on relentless assault.

Other cards considered: Battle Fury- With the high health pool and various scenarios with plenty of minions this could really help our game plan to reset Thor over and over. Would replace skilled strike. You’ll Pay For That- especially in solo play, this card can really help maintain threat levels Chase Them Down- again to help with threat levels in minion heavy scenarios get over here- great in multiplayer mode is o smooth out triggering the hero side ability.

Opening Hand/Mulligan Strategy: I’m looking for a God of Thunder, marital prowess or other ramp card along with combat training or jarnbjorn. I like to keep Mjolnir in my opening since I can use it and get it back right away. A mjolnir+god of thunder opening is the dream. Use mjolnir and a card to pay for god of thunder then recall mjolnir and use god of thunder for mjolnir, then you could potentially play another card yet.

Other Piloting Tips: Play god of thunder as soon as possible. only flip to alter ego when hall of heroes is ready. The deck is pretty straightforward. Drop your weapons and combat training, and deal as much damage as possible every round.

This deck has been fun and I’ve been tweaking it since red skull came out, it’s in a pretty good spot I believe. Thor’s natural card draw combined with the resets really makes Thor a force of nature right now. I hope you guys have fun with this deck. Let me know your thoughts, what cards I forgot or should take out. Hope you guys enjoy, have a good one. Stay scheming champions!


Oct 13, 2020 Arkhan · 7

@BananaCrapshoot Really love your deck. How is the testing so far ? Solo, multiplayer ? Expert, Heroic? Thanks in advance and again nice deck

Oct 13, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 4582

@Arkhan testing mainly 2 player vs klaw, crossbones, Zola, mutagen and Kang with a mix of expert and heroic. It has played very well for me.

Oct 14, 2020 neothechosen · 9692

Love your deck!

Also love the mulligan section of your text, where you're looking for "marital" prowess LOL. Typo but still funny!

Great deck, THX!

Oct 14, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 4582

@neothechosenyou need martial prowess to get marital prowess!

Oct 14, 2020 neothechosen · 9692


Oct 14, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 13802

I think you may have missed that Brawn can’t trigger WMH. I have done that in Thor Aggression too. Get Sentry in there!

Oct 14, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 13802

Nope, you were talking about HULK as the cheap EMH target. Oof, carry on XD