Hulk Super SMASH - Aggression Rush deck

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BananaCrapshoot · 288

Hello Champions. so here’s the deal, I was inspired by the guy that did a speed run of the campaign on standard in 15 rounds total. I thought the ultimate rush hero is Hulk, so I made a super aggro super fun Hulk rush deck. I then did a campaign run on standard to see how fast I could do. I’ll let you know at the end.

Allies: I wanted allies that could help me, so -brawn has some thwart, -mockingbird the stun and physical resource, -lockjaw is great in hulk for fixing bad drAws. I actually didn’t need to play him ever but he’s almost auto include in Hulj.

Events: I wanted to rush as fast as possible, with a high health total I knew I could race effectively.

-drop kick is great to set up toe to toe and the draw -mean swing great obviously with jarnbjorn in play for sure -skilled strike is a weaker mean swing thats always on line, once you take the attack campaign upgrade a basic ATK with skilled strike is hitting for 6 total. that’s 1/2 all these guys health on a stage. -toe to toe is the most cost effective damage care we have and works great with drop kick and mockingbird

the rest of the deck is pretty standard. this thing hummed along the whole time and it was fun to play.

so i cleared the campaign in 13 total rounds. crossbones-2 absorbing man-2 taskmaster -3 Zola-2 red skull-4

red skull was an issue on two fronts, the red house keeps him safe and hulk struggles to thwart so it took me a round to find sub orbital leap, and he had tough from and encounter card, otherwise I think I could have gotten him in 3 rounds also!


Sep 30, 2020 mistergross · 1

Sounds fun! Couldn't you just attack the red house instead??

Sep 30, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 288

@mistergross lol yes! That was an oversight in my part. I had in my head he couldn’t thwart because the ally version can’t even attempt to thwart.

Oct 01, 2020 Dreadreaper · 1

Works well! Even beat expert with it, but barely.

Oct 04, 2020 Siris101 · 1

I did a solo campaign today. I breezed past Crossbones in 3 rounds, Absorbing man and Taskmaster in 4 rounds. But I got stomped on Zola. How the heck did you beat him in 2 rounds? I need tips to beat him.

Oct 04, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 288

@Siris101 some of it relies on how you draw. Starting with limitless strength, hulk smash, and 2 skilled strikes as an opening hand helps a bunch lol. But really it’s draw dependent at times. Cause like mean swing is dead unless you have jarnbjorn besides making sure you are using physical resources for kicker effects. But the deck is fairly consistent from all the games I’ve played with it to this point.

Oct 05, 2020 Siris101 · 1

@BananaCrapshoot I played Zola again. I was able to get the retaliate 1 card out on turn 1 which helped alot with the tough cards on the minions. I beat him in 5 rounds and then Red Skull in 4 rounds. So total ot was 3, 4,4,5,4. 20 total. I was just happy to win them all. Great deck. If I would have gotten better cards in the 1st hand I could have won faster Boundless Rage

Oct 10, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 288

@Siris101 glad you got it done!