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Dont_be_rash · 33

So I've gone back and forth on whether I wanted to post my deck, as it's an amalgamation of many other decks. I don't know that I can add much to the conversation that hasn't already been said, but a few things worth noting:

1) Utopia is a high priority card for Bobby and opens up a lot of what he wants to do. Basically a mandatory inclusion, debatably and should be prioritized in the mulligan phase and with Build Support. Uncanny X-Men is another viable option.

2) A lot of debate about how many Team-Building Exercise are worth including. I go for 2. This deck has many X-Men (with 1 obvious outlier) and he gets a lot of synergy from those traits.

3) Superpower Training helps us find many of our favorite upgrades. Our priority should likely be Cryokinetic Perception but, you know, adapt to the situation.

4) Snow Clone are cheap! And they ready us. And they punch things for us. And block. We like them. Get these guys in their and toss them back in our deck when we drop down to Alter-Ego. They're reliable.

5) You know the Mirage & Pixie combo made famous by Nelson. It's strong and worth including for many reasons. But also we can grab other X-Men if it makes more sense.

6) Domino is a weird one. A lot of synergy with Cryokinetic Perception but also some anti-synergy with what we're trying to do. But Honorary X-Men is useful for smoothing some of that out. She's just fun to use but not the absolute highest priority. Don't be afraid to use Honorary X-Men on yourself for that sweet Alter-Ego Utopia ready up.

I think that's mostly it. Nothing too mind blowing here (I mean, it's Leadership.) but it's consistent and it's fun. You'll be slinging Snow Clones left and right and there are just so many good X-Men ally's to play. And more to come before this cycle ends! Adjust the deck as you see fit, whether it's removing resources or adjusting them or if you like Rapid Response or not. Whatever the case.

Just remember: Keep your cool!