Smoke Break with Uncle Cyc (Cyc 2 hander)

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NoobsNnerds · 1

Just stun and smash and ready over and over again thanks to uncle Cyc's cards and our own Cryokinetic Perception.

Iceman has some great protection cards. Frozen Solid and Ice Wall are two of the best for simply sitting back and relaxing while your uncle Cyc commands the rest of the X-Men to do all the work. It's a simple job but it's mine.

Lots of effective cards here. Brother Voodoo will get you an event most of the time. And Iceman's gear is surprisingly easy to get out with a Team Building Exercise or a Deft Focus. Except for Power Belt but that's always a good investment. Once you have all your IceMan upgrades out and Unflappable, you should be pretty much drawing two cards in the villain phase and hopefully getting a ready from Cryokinetic.

It's probably not as consistently ready-able as other Iceman decks, but I found between Triage, Professor X and Iceman's own set of cards, you have a lot of gas each hand.

I think you could tinker with the protection events and I'm not sure if Power Of Protection is useful but not sure what I would add anwyay. Coupled with the Cyclops deck it's been a fun bunch of games.