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Jballs · 1

I played the Bishop leadership deck when I first went through the campaign, but I have had much more fun with this deck. Bishop tanks hits and does big damage once his key cards are in play.

For early set up Bishop is thwarting with his basic power and taking most attacks; his Xmen allies are busy thwarting or working on minions. Aggression Bishop relies on allies, his basic thwart, 2 copies of command authority and Xavier to keep threat in check. Tempus sits on the board to protect against a surprise scheme or an emergency flip, but going to alter ego (which is very nice with Bishop to grab a temporal upgrade (the uniform has priority) should only happen after Psylocke or the Professor apply a confuse.

Toe to Toe is used to trigger a minion attack if you need to heal with the Jacket, Clobber is played twice in the same round when you are resource heavy, and can trigger Jarnborn if it is in play.

Goldballs does big damage and fishes for Digging Deeps, Forge grabs Utopia for the Xmen ally increase and extra activations (basic thwart usually). Hope becomes an Xmen and grabs a copy of Super-Charged that can always be played at zero cost. Wolverine provides piercing and long term damage while Sunfire removes nasty. Ten allies is heavier than i usually go, but I like getting the ready with Utopia and most will leave due to consequential damage. Only Wolverine and Tempus need to stick to the board.

Jarnborn is not key, but you will get a lot of milage out of it since you have resource cards in hand and 6 attack events (plus multiple Triggers from Clobbers) and multiple attacks from Bishop when he goes for the kill (using Utopia). The rifle is also an attack.

Super-charged is there in case you have extra resources, but i almost never max them both out. They tend to be overkill and the deck usually plays most of its hand without needing multiple resource sinks. But they work for a big damage finisher.