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mougy · 75

Feel the power of Magik and her puppy !

The following 2 cards enble Magik to free her full power:

  • "You'll Pay for That!" is insane here, it gives her a boost to thwart, and can be used for free during villain's turn!

  • Cosmo

    • no consequential damage for him
    • ensure to have the correct card on top deck


At start, Mulligan hard for cosmo and limbo

Playing during villain's phase to optimize her ability
(use Limbo to place on top of the deck)

  • "You'll Pay for That!"
  • Magic Barrier
  • Colossus

During Alter Ego:

  • avoid Shadow of the Past thanks to Stepford Cuckoos
  • recover!
  • Scrying (try to discard White fox, before returning in Hero form and getting back Scrying!)
  • Limbo (ensure a specific resource on top deck before getting a SPELL back)
  • Assault Training to recur Magic Attack

Deckbuilding considerations:

Magik like 45-50 cards deck because of her recursion abilities It will slow her deck cycling, and allow to have more choice when searching in the discard to recur card

No double resources here, they does not work well with her ability. Instead discarding Digging Deep provide enough resource and bonus it is a !

Cosmo 6ATK, no consequential, ranged, piercing

  • Sidearm
  • Energy Spear
  • Enraged

Discard strategy (find free Digging Deep, White Fox, or just change top card)

  • Cosmo
  • Goldballs
  • Rictor
  • Magic Attack ( + Assault Training for recursion)
  • Weapon X

Messing with her health

  • let attacks undefended, and trigger "You'll Pay for That!" and retaliate
  • Weapon X
  • Bloodgem
  • Endurance
  • recover: REC + Down Time + Crew Quarters