Gamora - Poolaspect idea

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BlackDaz83 · 14

The main objective here is to fully take advantage of Gamora event-driven way of playing. I think the pool aspect can give a two-sided important contribution:

1) powerful events 2) more resource cards

One could make the argument that Gamora could choose to be in aggression and just pick the 3 cards from the pool aspect, but i feel that the possibility of having Self Confidence, Self Controland Self Preservation is a great boost to her economy, also aided by Healing Factor to help staying with as little damage substained as possible.

For the ally side, i chose theme. All the allies are guardians, all from the cinematic universe but i feel they could be swapped for other cards like the always good Professor Xor Nick Fury

For the rest, pretty standard stuff for Gamorra: Drop Kick and Tackle for control, Clobberand Impede for consistency , Hit and Runfor versatility

There is also plenty of support, both healing, resource generation and card drawing and two cards for readying