Always Angry Hulk

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Scorpion0x17 · 102

This deck was put together as part of a challenge amongst my friend group - we had to build a solo Hulk deck and play it against Rhino with Doomsday Chair and Legions of Hydra (difficulty level of our choosing).

The idea for the deck came to me whilst re-listening to an interview with Michael Boggs in which he talked about the design of Hulk, and how he has a different play style to other heroes. So I started to think differently about how to approach building a deck for him.

At first I wanted to use Hulk's high HP as a resource, go with no Allies at all, and try to shore up his main weakness (that 0 THW), whilst maintaining as low a cost curve as possible, and trying to avoid dead hands.

The intended play style is to stay as Banner for a couple of rounds, to do some set up - ideally getting out as many Upgrades and Supports as possible, but especially Enhanced Physique, Beat Cop, and Under Surveillance. Then early game switch to Banner frequently to keep the flow of cards going, and to use his deck filtering ability. Then late game to use Banner's secret, that he's "always angry", and switch to full on Hulk, and smash villain face.

Below is an indication of some of the many adjustments I made to the deck whilst testing it, and whilst I feel there is still some room for improvement, I need a break from hitting my head against this particular wall...

NOTE: I build for 'fun', not for 'optimal'. So my decks may not be the 'best' in their class, but I hope they will be enjoyable to play.

Changes: -Followed (don't recall what I added here)

-Foiled +For Justice

-Heroic Intuition +Stealth Strike

-Stealth Strike -Avengers Mansion +Quake +Coulson +Concussive Blow

-1x For Justice -1x Beat Cop -Helicarrier -Quincarrier -2x Surveillance Team +Clear the Area +Foiled


Sep 07, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 398

I like this one. I’ll have to test it out. Beat Cop seems particularly worth spending a whole turn on for Hulk.

Sep 07, 2020 Scorpion0x17 · 102

@ImpossibleGerman: thanks. I would be interested to read your thoughts on the deck. I will likely return to it at some point, and do some more testing with a broader range of scenarios. And do more testing on Expert. And I've not tested it at all on Heroic. But I suspect it's a little too slow and/or inconsistent for that.