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Schmendrix · 184

Designed this deck for a 4P run of the RoRS scenario. Haven't tested it extensively yet, but I'll make a couple of notes for posterity:

  • The unavoidable math of Spider-Woman involves card draw. She needs it to consistently get to 4/4/4 or 5/5/5 stat lines. With a 5 card hand and 13/13/2/2 frequencies on the aspects, you've got a 29.5% chance of drawing 3 aspect cards. If you can draw three more, you get up to a 56.1% chance of seeing 3 aspect cards.
  • The other key dynamic is thinning the deck. If you can get 4 SW/Basic cards and 3 from each of the two main aspects on the table, your odds to see 3 aspect cards improve with a 5 card draw to 39.7% and with 8 cards to 69.3%. Note that the odds improved by ~10% with a 5-card draw and by 13.6% with an 8-card draw - every card drawn gets more valuable as your deck thins out.
  • Therefore, this deck is designed to lay down a lot of cheap upgrades and allies, fueling Spider-Woman early game and then making her quite consistent with her signature aspect events and frequent 4/4/4 stat line.
  • Strength in Numbers provides the core card draw mechanic.
  • Inspired and Sky Cycle belong on Captain Marvel; she also delivers card draw, and her longevity is increased with Med Team.
  • Wonder Man and Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) can help turn dead cards into damage.

Future directions:

  • I will keep an eye on whether Make the Call is really important. I want it to be able to pull CM from the discard, but I might ultimately opt for Inspiring Presence or Get Ready.

Note: All math calculated using this: Very helpful, and, in general, would encourage more deckbuilders to share the odds of key combos.


Sep 06, 2020 kamalisk · 216

This is the sort of thing I planned to do with Spider-Woman, plenty of card draw, and use Captain Marvel as much as possible.

Sep 06, 2020 Schmendrix · 184

Yup. The other thing I'm realizing is that thinning the deck is crucial because Self-Propelled Guide starts to turn into Wakanda Forever - it's the engine for huge turns.

Sep 06, 2020 Remedy · 1370

Love this list Schmendrix! Thanks for sharing. Is there any way to shave it down to 40 cards over 41? With Maria Hill not being S.H.I.E.L.D can you cut one leadership card for triskelion instead and cut the tower? Going to give this a go tonight!

Sep 06, 2020 Schmendrix · 184

For sure! Avengers Mansion is also useful for the discount, but definitely.

Sep 06, 2020 Schmendrix · 184

(And I meant a Tower.) Let me know how it goes.

Sep 07, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 398

Reinforced Suit could really make this deck shine even more when it drops, and at that point Iron Man might make sense to get some upgrade attention in addition to Carol.

Love this concept.

Sep 08, 2020 stoolpigeon · 1

Make the call really helps smooth out draws. Avenger's Tower, Finesse, Apartment, and Brother Voodoo all need it to enable them. It lets you invest in resource generation turn 1. Otherwise you could run a little low on allies if you end up drawing 2-3 of them turn 1 and 2 when you'd rather be developing your economy.

I think it warrants a few copies. It's almost always dead, but sometimes it completely blows open lines that would be clunky otherwise.

Tower always feels weird. Triskelion might smooth out the deck count, enables an easier SW trigger, and can be paid for by Finesse. But triskelion also stinks, and leadership isn't hurting for slots exactly.

Sep 08, 2020 Schmendrix · 184

Agree with you on Make the Call. It's not going anywhere. I might actually take this in a Defenseless direction, however, and replace Indomitable and Unflappable and Armored Vest with Defensive Stance. Just not readying consistently enough to defend. Experimenting with that this week.

Sep 08, 2020 stoolpigeon · 1

Indomitable is kind of a clunky card. It's hard to judge just how many times you'll wanna defend multiple times. While SW is good at defending because she's generally flexible, I don't think the payoff is worth a bunch of Indomitable.

Unflappable, however, slaps. It does a lot of work, and SW is a good candidate for it because glider is a cheap 3 of. It doesn't really need any more support other than SW herself and Energy Barrier. And SW is just super card hungry to not include it, and doesn't have the economy for bigger card advantage engines.

I was looking at Leadership/Aggression and noticed Hall of Heroes is an interesting engine, especially with multiple gliders to turbo it out early mid game.

Though I think the smaller, more consistent card draw of protection is more synergistic mathematically, sometimes it can be frustrating when it clunks up your already horrible economy, Hall of Heroes is a lot of oomph in one slot, especially with leaderships deck cycling and SWs lean hero deck.

I really like SW. I like that it isn't very obvious what to do with her except "get triggers, profit." Lot's of design space.

Sep 16, 2020 Pickles · 13

I would argue that there is even more design space also "use cards that are not supposed to be used together for extra power". There are not many of these at the moment - I'm trying to figure out if there is a better ally to use rapid response on than the Leadership ones (maybe Iron Fist)

Sep 16, 2020 Schmendrix · 184

Yes, there's not much. Brother Voodoo has a nice enters play ability - arguably stronger than Maria Hill in solo.

Sep 16, 2020 Pickles · 13

Indeed. In fact solo she (so obviously I overlooked it) lets you combine effects would not be able to usually which may be good - or may dilute you too much.