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KingOfRohan · 4672


In this deck, Nathan Summers is Deadpool. Or Summerpool, if you like.

In the early game, build out fast using Self Confidence/Control/Preservation to play expensive cards like your allies and Healing Factor. You may want to knock down Specialized Training into Surveillance Specialist early, to benefit your thwarting all game long (considering he can thwart 3 times a turn with Stick-To-Itiveness); otherwise, play it late and close out the game with Combat Specialist.

In the midgame, stabilize your health with Healing Factor and Crew Quarters, and either play Laser Swords or deploy them with Lock and Load.

Finally, close out the game with Live Dangerously, allowing Cable to swing for 7 twice with Stick-To-Itiveness. Between his basic attacks with Laser Swords and full blasts off of Plasma Rifle and Telekinetic Blast, you should be able to OTK the second stage of almost any villain.

If someone else runs Superpower Training, you can run something else. Establish Perimeter is also not strictly necessary, and the next most substitutable is likely Lay the Trap. Feel free to adjust per scenario (for example, adding Take Out the Guards or Render Medical Aid when appropriate).

In multiplayer, if someone else is also running Build Support and doesn't need Quincarrier, switch out Helicarrier for Quincarrier — this means you will have much more consistent access to the physical resource you need for Stick-To-Itiveness and Blackout (though Blackout is already worth it with even 2 threat removal off of extra Graymalkin resources, plus standing in as a target for Caught Off Guard).