Spider Woah, Man

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Glockenspeel · 57

This deck is built around Push Ahead - exhaust your hero to thwart any (main or side) scheme equal to the sum of your ATK, THW and DEF value (not printed, this means it stacks).

Spider-Woman's ability - until the end of the round increase your ATK, THW and DEF by 1 for each aspect card you play (stack for each different aspect, max. +4)

This has the potential to increase Spider-Woman's stats to 5 across the board. If we consider this with Push Ahead, I think you might see where this is going.

Firstly, Push Ahead has a Science resource requirement, which we can meet with Sense of Justice. One of the many examples of Spider-Woman's cross-deck building magic (Agent Coulson and Rapid response is another example). Her Finesse upgrades also do the trick or you can use Clarity of Purpose if need be. A quick tip; you can also use Sense Of Justice to pay for Breaking and Entering as there is no Hero Action restriction and she has the Spy trait in her alter-ego.

Back to Push ahead. It is itself an aspect card, so by playing it you gain +1 to Spider-Woman's stats already. Playing it as your first aspect card equals 6 threat (3x2stats) for 3 cost. Not too bad considering the cost of Agile Flight, but if you play it as a second or a third aspect card you're looking at 9 or 12 thwart for the same 3 cost. Much better.

If you have Heroic Intuition you can add +1 too, bumping the thwart up to 10 and 13 respectively. Now that's more like it. In multiplayer this can shine too with Armored Vest and Combat Training. Playing Moxie, Morale Boost and/or Lead From The Front can push this even higher into ridiculous numbers, stacking another +3 thwart each.

Crazily enough, Push Ahead counts as a thwart (as opposed to direct threat removal with no 'thwart' action) meeting the requirements for Overwatch. This can potentially turn a 0 cost card into a 10+ thwarting backup.

Black Panther and Kaluu will help you find Push Ahead. Make the Call and Rapid Response bring them back. You can ready Spider-Woman with Justice Served or Self-Propelled Glide maybe allowing for two Push Aheads... who knows?

The Team Training and extra Heroic Intuition are optional for multiplayer bringing the deck size down to a much more respectable 40. You can also switch the Under Surveillance out for something else for variety or a challenge.