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Update Took this deck through Expert RoRS campaign, winning all five scenarios. Crossbones and Red Skull were toughest. -2 Melee, +2 Relentless Assault.

Some key findings:

  1. Embiggened Relentless Assault is your friend. Replaced both Melees with it before I started the campaign. Did great work throughout; cleared beefy minions, bit at Taskmaster, Crossbones, and Red Skull when Photographic Reflexes and Retaliation were concerns.
  2. The combos with Bruno largely didn't work, but he was handy against Taskmaster, where I was focused on controlling the board state while I worked to free all four allies (which I did).
  3. Nevertheless, I was able to consistently get off big chunks of damage with combinations of Drop Kick, Press the Advantage, and Toe to Toe. Most important: Stun on the final action of your turn before you flip down to recover. You've got a great chance of drawing into Press the Advantage and Toe to Toe to power a huge turn when you flip up.
  4. Shrunk Chase Them Down was also extremely handy, especially after Relentless Assault. Overall, by far the most fun I've had playing this game. The Red Skull fight was epic; ran the threat on 2B to 10 twice.

Juggling combos are a staple of fighting games like Street Fighter and Streets of Rage. The availability of Aggression cards with draw and damage effects is creating an analog in Marvel Champions.

Ms. Marvel is already an Aggression mainstay thanks to her ability to recur attack events. But Bruno Carrelli has always been a bit of an odd card given the card pool. You could bank resources or events for later, but his ability is crying out for something more: a three card combo that you can stack over time and then unleash when the moment is right.

Here it is: Drop Kick to Press the Advantage (recurred to play twice) to Toe to Toe. It deals 13 damage without Embiggen, and draws three cards along the way, meaning it doesn't even require your whole turn - you'll still have more fuel. And Ms. Marvel is the only hero with a prayer of pulling it off regularly.

If you can use Nakia, Helicarrier, and Martial Prowess to start off the combo, pulling the three cards from Bruno, each step in the combo pays for the next. You're juggling the villain. The card from Drop Kick pays for Press the Advantage. Its card pays for its recurrence. The second play pays for Toe to Toe. (I've heard some argue that Toe to Toe wastes a stun. I'd think of it like this: the stun is part of the cost of a five damage card.)

If you built a deck around these cards relying purely on draw, before thinning you'd have a 2.5% chance to see them together in a 5 card hand. But Bruno makes seeing them together a certainty. And then Aamir means you can do it again by stacking them together at the bottom of your deck. In truth, you could likely start this with only Drop Kick and Press the Advantage, and then draw in to Toe to Toe or other attacks.

I've included Melee and Chase Them Down for some more firepower and threat removal, but they are flex spots.