Iron Star-Lord

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Japara · 127

High Risk, High Reward build.

Tested extensively against various scenarios, two players Expert Level.

Hard mulligan and/or dig quickly through the deck for Iron Man / Guardians of the Galaxy.

Once you are setup Iron Man cycles the allies upgrade on himself at zero cost, netting a card in the process, quickly becoming a powerhouse.

Ideally you would like to keep him on the field throughout the entire game, so consider tanking the full blows of the enemy's attacks. This is why the deck runs both Down Time and Endurance.

First Aids are flexible cards that either can help Iron Man stick longer on the field or can grant some emergency healing on Star-Lord.

Symbiote Suit is mostly used for the +10 health, however the stats enhance can prove to be very useful with the inbuild "ready your hero" granted by Daring Escape.

Blaze of Glory is best used when you plan to flip to alter-ego form before the end of the turn, effectively nullifying the downside of the card.

Hope you have fun experimenting this build.