[ Movie Deck ] Ghost-Spider - Start a Band

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Charles · 490

Hello !

You’ll find here a thematic / efficient deck with Across the Spider-Man movie ( with Spider-Gwen point of view )

The title is a reference to the last song of the Daniel Pemberton soundtrack, amazing by the way.

Have fun !


Jul 12, 2023 VJakson · 23

Gwen likes interrupts and response events. May I suggest Making an Entrance or Turn the Tide?

Jul 12, 2023 Charles · 490

Hey ! You’re absolutly right, it’s a way to make it work too ! I thought about it, as i tought about a protection deck ( Hello Spider-Man Noir, good bye India Spidey ).

I finally choose to draw, again and again with Web of Life and destiny, one way or another and web bracelet, but i was kinda frustrated by justice events with Gwen.

According to the scenario, you can change your strategy to include Making an Entrance and Turn the Tide for One Way or Another and Multitasking.

But in solo ( i am principaly a solo player ), i think this deck is « All Purpose ».

But yes, i agree, protection and protection events are surely more accurate to his power. But i wanted to play with Pavitr Pabrhakar ^^

Thanks for your comment !

Jul 14, 2023 celric · 426

@VJakson Builds that focus on her hero ability tend to underperform because it’s rare to be able to have the right interrupts and reactions available. This kind of build is more consistent.

Jul 14, 2023 Charles · 490

Actually, if you want some justice events with interruptions, « Foiled ! » could be a great addition to this deck, according to the scenario.

( you can change « young love » and « under surveillance » with « foiled ! » )