Cyclops | Yellow Spandex

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LordGodalming · 26

Holy Laser Beams, Batman!
This Sassy-Boy does not mess around.
I must be honest, I have been playtesting this bad boy since I got him, and he does not disappoint.
You might even say he's a "blast" to play ;)
Contrasted against all the other completely-broken-as-all-get-out-do-they-even-playtest-the-game-thanks-for-all-your-support-I-thought-we-paid-money-for-these Heroes of the Mutant Genesis, Cyclops surprisingly is not completely broken, and is actually quite enjoyable!
Just finished playtesting this puppy against Expert Rhino three times and Expert Klaw twice.
Very happy with the results, can't wait to play more! >_<