Drax the Dauntless

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munkey8486 · 39

Drax is incredibly durable and can deal insane amounts of damage. This deck is meant to enable him to stay in is Hero form for the entire game. With Med Team and Mantis healing him you never have to lose Vengeance having to drop to Alter-Ego.

Desperate Defense and Never Back Down can help you look out for your team and keep them safe while possibly letting you get multiple vengeance counters during a villain phase. Groot and Victor Mancha can step in when Drax can’t take a hit for one of your team mates or when you just don’t want Drax to take more damage.

Leading Blow lets you reliably deal damage multiple times per turn since the Vengeance counters let him get his base attack so high. You will almost never be unable to get some damage through.

In this recent update I swapped out one copy of Limitless Stamina and an ally for two copies of Momentum Shift so he can have an easier time staying in hero mode as the game progresses.

Overall, get a couple of base upgrades out, swing away at the villain for tons of damage and never drop to Alter-Ego. I know this says it’s a Protection deck, but stay on the offensive as best as you can and you’ll easily be able to rival some of your Aggression partners for pure bursts damage output.