The Power of Shadowcat (Aggression)

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KingOfRohan · 2648

In this deck, Shadowcat shows off the Power of Aggression!

Kitty is showing Riri around on the X-Jet when the call comes in — time to gear up and strike back HARD. Wait, pulse grenades? Wouldn't hurt to pack a few...

A possible mid- to late-game turn after defending with Quick Shift might look like:

• Spend a double resource to play Clobber for 3 damage, choosing to flip to Phased form.

• Use Martial Prowess to play Surprise Attack for 4 damage, flipping back to Solid form.

• Thwart with Shadowcat for 2 threat removal.

• Use Solid and Deft Focus to play Shadowcat Surprise for 3 damage and readying Shadowcat, flipping back to Phased form if you like.

• Basic attack with Shadowcat, exhausting Pulse Grenade to use Mean Swing for 5 damage, flipping back to Solid form if you flipped to Phased.

• Attack with Pulse Grenade for some amount of damage, choosing to flip back to Phased form; then use Ready to Rumble to ready Shadowcat again.

• Thwart with Shadowcat for 2 more threat removal.

• Spend Clobber to play Air Walk for another 4 threat removal or else play another copy of Ready to Rumble.

That's potentially 15+ damage and 8 threat removal, all ignoring guard, patrol, and crisis, and dealt in tidy packages.

Have fun out there enjoying the Power of Shadowcat in Aggression!