Ms. Marvel- Aggression Solo Build

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Demik · 1

The concept behind this solo aggression deck is to be able to deal tons of damage to minions or the enemy while not giving up much thwarting potential by not picking a different aspect like Justice.

The core of the deck is:


Dishing out combo damage with Jarnbjorn and Mean Swing . Embiggen! w/ Relentless Assault, Big Hands, and Melee.

When you need to thwart a timed kill on a minion using Chase Them Down with Shrink in play is money every time.

Emergency is there for when you need to flip to Kamala if Shrink is in play your knocking three of his scheme which usually negates the villains scheme amount for their turn.

Lockjaw is there to fuel your Jarnbjorn or Relentless Assault and to be pulled from the discard pile in crutch situations.

Very similar with Tigra and Red Dagger here block fodder if you have to but they can stay out in play longer than expected/come back.

I hope you enjoy this deck and have as much fun plays as I have had with it.


Aug 02, 2020 Cogahan · 1

I have a thing to say about Emergency. Shrink increases Threat REMOVED by 2. Emergency doesn't really Remove Threat, it prevents it. Does shrink still increase Emergency's Prevention. According to the texts, it shouldn't I think

Aug 02, 2020 Demik · 1

That's a great question I play as thought it does.