Ironheart - Flowing Cards

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Derived from
Tony Starks A.I-ronheart (turbo deck) 288 233 18 1.0
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dhoopster · 1

Deck came from Tony Starks A.I-ronheart (turbo deck). I am only publishing this because I haven't been able to figure out how to import my private decks into Tabletop Simulator.

Making my first changes. Seemed like she was pretty good without allies. She has 3 defense, it's a justice deck and she goes to alter-ego a lot to progress more. Moon Girl was amazing because I got to play her with 3 mental resources which drew me 3 cards, but I didn't play any other allies.

Nick Fury might work alright with his mental resource and drawing 3 cards. Eros and Wiccan cheap justice allies with mental resource. Cosmo and Vivian both cheap allies with mental resource.

Impede looks pretty good in this deck.

--Trying running 2x Power of Justice and a 2nd Justice Served and took it to 42 cards to see which of them and the following cards seem to play better. (Energy, Strength, The Power in All of Us)