Bruno the "Glue Guy" - The Hero We Need Right Now

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JRise33 · 4276

Bruno the "Glue Guy".

Ms Marvel is one of the best heroes to benefit from Meditation because there is so much value in her going into alter-ego form. As a result, this allows her to get an incredibly powerful engine built up quickly with high cost cards like Med team, expensive allies and resource generators out early.

Obviously Meditation, Go For Champions, Government Liaisons and Moon Girl have limitations in only being able to use them when you are in Hero form, Alter-Ego form or have the Champion trait.

This is why Bruno is the true hero of this deck and is the glue that makes everything run smoothly.

For example:

  • Exhausted going into Alter-Ego and can't use Meditation, give it to Bruno so you can play it on your next turn.

  • Draw Go For Champions early but don't have any fellow champion allies out yet? Give it to Bruno to hold, so you can maximize it's value when you flip to hero after getting more setup.

  • In Alter-Ego and unable to play Moon Girl, give it to Bruno to hold and play her when you flip to hero (now have Champion trait) and have mental resources to maximize her card draw.

  • Draw into Dum Dum Dugan in Alter-Ego? Give him to Bruno to hold so you can use the Hero Action on Government Liaisons when you flip to Hero.

The ability to use Aamir Khan to stack your deck in an ordered fashion, allows you to reliably stack the cards you need so you can keep your board running smoothly by replenishing Med Teams or increasing your chances of drawing double resources with card draw allies like Nick Fury, Iron Heart or Moon Girl.

Finally with the abundance of Med-Teams you should be able to keep Snowguard out for the entire game. If you're in a minion heavy scenario and need consistent damage use 1 counter, but if you're in a side scheme/threat heavy scenario, use 3 counters for reliable thwarting.

Super fun deck to play, will reliably clear most expert scenarios and feels very thematic to the TV show if you just finished watching, as you rely heavily on your family personas.