Symbiote Hulk gets physical !

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Charles · 167

Hulk has always been hard to play, specially in solo.

But with Sp//dr and some other new hero / campaign pack, Hulk can be really fun to play !

First of all, get 100% physical ! Well, 98% with Banner Laboratory and Deft Focus, but well, you’ll be able to improve all Hulk events to the best !

Next, use incredible new cards : Plan B is awesome for Hulk capacity, as Machine Man or Blade.

Unshakable / Limitless Stamina are just designed for this big guy, and will allow you to hit and crush, over and over.

3x To the rescue are here for saving some time and turns, but let be honest : you won’t go in AE, and you just wanna rush ! Lockjaw can help you too for threat.

To this purpose, you can use Symbiot suit, and upgrade your ATK and Hit points. If you are shy, you can change it with Jarnborn for example.

Have fun, and you already know :



Jul 25, 2022 Charles · 167

If you d'ont like it, you can remove symbiote suite ( you'll still have 40 cards, and the deck works really well anyway ! )

Jul 25, 2022 Charles · 167