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teamcanadahockey2002 · 7105

First draft of a Ms. Marvel Overkill deck build around 3x Follow Through, Honed Technique and Embiggen. Special thanks to journeyman2 for all the conversations and advice regarding this deck. The idea I have in mind for this deck runs different than his Rocket Racoon deck, but you should absolutely give his deck a look and a like: https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/19706/drawn-and-quartered-rocket-raccoon-turbo-draw-1.0

The core idea of this deck is to try and eventually get down the overkill upgrades (Follow Through, Honed Technique and Embiggen) to then play the following combination:

  • Looking for Trouble to find a Minion and remove 3 (or 5) threat
  • Exhaust Ms. Marvel to pull Looking for Trouble back into hand
  • Play Melee for 8 damage on the minion (using Embiggen and Honed Technique)
  • Interrupt with Battle Fury to take a damage and then ready Ms. Marvel
  • Continue the attack of Melee for 8 damage on the villain
  • Exhaust Ms. Marvel to pull back Melee
  • If you have a copy of Moment of Triumph, you could also heal a ton, as Follow Through will kick in to increase how much you healed. I understand the timing to be such that this could be played after the Battle Fury interrupt, so you would be able to heal the damage you just took.

Then, pending your resources, you could repeat the process if you wanted to as you'll have a Looking for Trouble and a Melee back in hand.

However, my intention for this deck is to then flip to AE every turn and stash one of these cards under Bruno. I know not everyone likes flip-every-turn sorts of decks, so you'll need to make some modifications if you wish to stay in hero form the whole game.

But, when you flip... if you have the supports down, you could also be able to get your cards back from Hall of Heroes, find another Ms. Marvel card using Teen Spirit and use your other supports for more resources, card draw and a reduced play. Ideally, you'll find another Battle Fury to put down before the next turn (great for Nakia). Generally, I play with 2 or 3 players, so flipping every turn isn't a big issue, but when you Shrink your Looking for Trouble, you'll remove 5 threat, which will likely cover the threat you accumulate during your flip down.

Now the other possibility is that you go for card draw. This is more of the early game strategy so that you can draw the cards you need to build your board. In this case, the pattern would look like this: -- Looking for Trouble to find a Minion and remove 3 (or 5) threat

  • Exhaust Ms. Marvel to pull Looking for Trouble back into hand
  • Play No Quarter for 8 damage on the minion (using Embiggen and Honed Technique) PLUS the overkill from Follow Through. This means if you pull a 3 HP minion, you'll do 11 damage and look through 8 cards. If you still have Angela on the table, this works even better!
  • Interrupt with Battle Fury to take a damage and then ready Ms. Marvel
  • Exhaust Ms. Marvel to pull back No Quarter
  • Again, if you have Moment of Triumph, you can now heal for a ton, and it's a good chance you'll find one with the No Quarter card draw...
  • At this point, you then should have enough resources to play the Looking for Trouble/No Quarter combo a 2nd time to draw even more cards. You won't be able to Embiggen and Shrink this time around, but you'll have a ton of cards at this point and can hopefully build your board state.

The idea then is to use the No Quarter combo to regularly find and kill a minion every turn to fuel your board state. I don't like No Quarter to finish off the game as it will just draw you more cards, but they all need to go through a minion. Instead, at the end-game stage, I will then use Melee to wipe out the minion you pull with Looking for Trouble to clear the threat, and then put 8 damage per turn on the villain --> That's a Swinging Web Kick of damage on the villain every turn, plus the nuking of any minion you could ever pull.

By flipping every turn, you get to make use of your Hall of Heroes counters, but also can get some use of really awesome support and abilities on AE side. You'll tank every villain hit, but you'll always have 2 turns before you get hit again, so you'll have a Moment of Triumph to completely heal off of.

If you get a turn where you don't have useful cards, the Bunker can help to find what you need instead.

This is still a work in progress, but feedback is welcomed. Remember, the core of the deck is about always having a Looking for Trouble and a Melee/No Quarter every turn by keeping them in hand or stashing them under Bruno.


May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 21343

Awesome!! Write-up is great! Happy to have been part of the conversation

Jun 01, 2022 neothechosen · 10156

Really love this idea! Nice how the newer cards make Ms Marvel shine like she hasn't in a long time!

Jun 01, 2022 Telcontar · 436

Would Into The Fray have a place in here somewhere?

Jun 01, 2022 celric · 432

Firstly, my creative admiration and respect goes out to you on the combo you've put together with Melee. I bet it feels great to pull off. That alone gets the deck a LIKE.

I wonder if another combo might be even better. Because Melee has no inherent interaction with excess damage, I like Relentless Assault for 12 (Embig, HT, FTx3) in that slot.

It does similar damage to the villain at a cheaper cost and - specifically because it costs 2 - it has a very elegant interaction with Power of Aggression.

It may ultimately come down to if you are facing a high health minion package.

Secondly, the potential of Into the Fray in this deck (14 with "overthwart") is gigantic. Probably a more efficient use of team resources than anything your teammates can offer outside of Problem Solvers.

Finally, the targeted recursion of The Locust combined with a block seems more valuable than Champions Mobile Bunker to me or at least better than the 3rd copy of Battle Fury.

Thanks for sharing this cool thing!