The G.I.R.L. In The Chair

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The G.I.R.L. In Cerebro 23 17 4 1.0

teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

Sharing per request from Reddit thread...

The goal of this deck is to use Wasp's G.I.R.L. power in order to shuffle copies of Meditation, Agent Coulson and especially Monica Chang back into the deck. This is one of the only ways to play Monica Chang repeatedly per deck shuffle, allowing you to get the Surveillance Teams up and running quickly. Ideally, they'll be used for playing Homeland Intervention, ideally thwarting for 6 instead of burning counters.

When you don't have Homeland in hand, you can still thwart for 3 with them, and add another 3 if you get all of your copies of the Beat Cop into play. For all of these cards Meditation is a fantastic way to pay for these, as this deck is very capable of remaining in Alter-Ego for much of the game.

If you are planning on just staying as the G.I.R.L. in the Chair for a long time, then seeing Coulson regularly for a copy of Counterintelligence is also a good play, as it'll keep threat off the scheme.

Quake is a great ally to have down and just sit there for use for Homeland or Global Logistics, and she can do damage to any minions you pick up. If cards fall in your favor and you can get Sky-Destroyer down, you can do a little more damage while in Alter-Ego

Although it depends on the player count, you really want to flip when you get to the end of a deck cycle, throwing in two copies of Pinpoint Strike to get 16 damage on the villain (or through minions if needed with overkill) as you get to the bottom of you deck.

The combo you'd really love to shoot for though is having down the Avengers Mansion - this one allows you to tutor for a card you want when you see Global Logistics. The idea is to play Logistics, search the top 4 cards of your OWN deck, and then use your card draw from Mansion to take that card. It essentially replaces the one you just gave up using Logistics, but gives you the chance to go seek out the card you want. If you have expensive cards and are staying down, maybe go find a copy of Meditation. Otherwise, hope to pull something like Coulson or Monica for the bonus you get from them if in the early game. You'll be hunting your Pinpoint Strikes when you want to finish off the villain.

Don't sleep on using Vigilante Training to throw copies of Logistics and Homeland back into your deck. Logistics allowing you to tutor can be pretty valuable after you shuffle in your two mental resources when your deck is around 4-5 cards. You'll be seeing most of those with the 4 card search, and then you can pull the one you want with Mansion.

It's actually possible to more or less keep from decking out for a few turns at the end of your deck because G.I.R.L. throws 2 cards back into the deck and Vigilante Training can throw 2 more back in. If you're willing to keep a few cards in your hand, you can make it so you never deck out.

Overall, this is probably the best pure thwarting deck I've got once you get set up. It's pretty common to thwart for 10+ per turn... 3x Beat Cops and a single Homeland Intervention will do 9 alone, and if you have remaining allies or Surveillance Teams that you didn't need to exhaust, you'll usually be sitting at 11 or 12 thwart if you need it. This allows you to flip regularly, or if in multi-player, just sit in Alter-Ego and cover all the threat. Even better in multi-player, you can use your Coulson and Chang allies to block for your teammates, getting them in your discard again quickly.

If Monica gets stuck at the bottom of your deck, it takes longer to get going, but this has pretty reasonable set up. It's pretty common for me to have the 3x Beat Cops and 3x Surveillance Teams down after about 4-5 turns. Once you get to this state, threat just isn't an issue.

For different cards, depending on the scenario, Fury and Under Surveillance are less useful in multiplayer, but Spiderman yellow ally becomes amazing. Try using him against the Sinister Six to remove 3 per player plus Spiderman's thwart on the escaping side scheme. Then block with him, and shuffle him back in again for huge burst thwarting.


Apr 23, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

Should also point out without spoiling too much there is a new card (just revealed) in Ironheart that will help this deck too

Apr 24, 2022 JRise33 · 6306

Man this deck looks amazing! Really excited to give it a whirl!

Apr 24, 2022 Marvel Chumpions · 167

I like this deck. It would be fun to play multiplayer and really feel like you are making a significant impact only in Alter-ego.

Apr 24, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

@therealclapp Although I've played this in true solo with success, this one really shines in multiplayer. Not only can you remove all sorts of threat, but you can provide free blockers with Chang and Coulson on a very regular basis which the other players typically appreciate greatly :)

Apr 24, 2022 josseroo · 659

I was going to ask about the Beat Cops given all the other threat control, but as a multiplayer deck that would make some sense.

Apr 24, 2022 Krummey · 1

This is exciting! I always like to see a good deck for Wasp.

Apr 25, 2022 Marvel Chumpions · 167

@teamcanadahockey2002 What are your thoughts on adding: Mockingbird, Govt. Liaison, Chance Encounter, and Followed? Do you feel that any of these would add or is the deck pretty tight? I'm not sure what I would cut to make room so it might be based on the Villain I'm facing.

Apr 25, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

@therealclapp Thanks for the question! I think it really depends on player count and your playstyle. If you're planning to flip every turn, I'd probably make a few tweaks. Personally, my playstyle in this deck is to just stay AE the whole game, flipping just to add damage for the final push in multiplayer or perhaps at the end of a deck cycle (looking for Pinpoint x2).

If you're playing solo, then Followed is a nice way to try and get some damage in from the AE side. I usually play multiplayer, so this deck does all the thwarting and blocking for my teammates and I only flip out at the very end of the game. At that point, paying 2 for 4 damage just isn't really worth the deck slot for me. I have played this deck solo too, and in that case I prioritize playing Fury for a little more damage. With the Sky-Destroyer down, I can play him in AE and do 8 damage with him, plus get a free block if I do want to flip. He can also be shuffled back in again too. Usually I'm hoping to time this with finding end-of-deck Pinpoint Strikes, 'cause those will do 8 damage each in Tiny form. Two of those will finish off a pretty much a stage for any villain.

If you're planning to flip every turn, then I'd probably take out the 3x Beat Cops as you'll probably have enough thwarting at that point. And if you're planning to flip, Mockingbird would be an excellent addition because you can play her with Meditation while in AE still and get that stun out. Having two 3-cost cards in your hand is what you're hoping for, so that Meditation can play one, and then the remaining cards in your hand can play another. I've never tried Govt. Liaison (or Field Agent) because those are Hero side cards, and this deck is more about getting the huge thwarting going first, and then doing damage with Pinpoint Strikes once you have the game under control. I'm sure it would work in some way, but it's just not my personal playstyle in this deck though.

Chance Encounter is my absolute favorite card that I never seem to play. I love the idea, but it just doesn't ever see play for me. In this deck G.I.R.L. gives you the ability to get cards into your deck again, and if you are staying AE (and have the Mansion down), you'll be getting 7 cards a turn, plus the possibility of seeing more with Global Logistics. So I don't usually find I need it to find my allies.

I'm sure there's a good deck out there that makes some of these changes. I guess it just depend on what you want it to do and how much you want to be staying in AE. Hope that adds some helpful thoughts. Let me know if you find any changes to be helpful based on your style of play?


Apr 25, 2022 GeekDad · 2

Wow. I took on Expert Red Skull with a random Rocket Raccoon deck I found. I played a Beat Cop turn 1, which let me know that I finally beat Red Skull on at least turn 16.

The amount of threat you can consistently remove in a single turn is impressive. I frequently had bad turns that advanced the scheme to something like 18/22 threat, only to drop it back down on Wasp's turn.

Staying too long in alter-ego was my biggest mistake. I finally found a rhythm of getting Monica out and using her to block so Wasp could go to Hero form and play a damage event.

This will probably be my new go-to deck to play next to Aggression.

Apr 25, 2022 journeyman2 · 21815

Wasp is one of my favorites, and this deck looks really good!

I’m trying to think about what I’d cut to get down to 40 cards though. You’ve got max copies of Global Logistics and Homeland Interventon, plus max Vigilante Training. Are you finding yourself actually playing those events 4+ times per deck cycle that Vigilante Training is actually helpful? A minor point, but a thick deck reduces the odds of drawing meditation with a 3+ cost card, which in a meditation deck, you ever want to draw a high cost card without it or a meditation without a high cost card.

If you don’t find yourself playing the justice events 4+ times, cutting Vigilante Training looks like the start to me. Followed by a 1x global logistics or 1x surveillance team.

I really like this permanent AE style, and using G.I.R.L. with Meditation and Shield archetype makes sense!!

Apr 25, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

@GeekDad Yeah the threat removed is incredible. Against Skull, you probably need to flip out more often and use your Monica, Coulson or Fury turns for their free chump block.

@journeyman2 I debate the 40 cards in this deck all the time. The last few are really scenario and player count dependant. Under Surveillance comes out for me if playing 3+ or on a high threshold scheme. Fury is also someone I may remove depending on if I want him for damage. Sometimes I take out Coulson and Counterintelligence if theres a super high threat limit and I dont need to prevent it from going on (say Hela).

I usually adhere to the 40 card decks because you want to see your best cards more often. Wasp throws that off though because you'll always be shuffling your best cards back in again. Depending on the scenario, I find its more about me having good options for the turns when youre at the bottom of your deck. As I said in the writeup, don't sleep on how important Vigilante Training is at the bottom of your deck. With both out, you can shuffle 4 cards back in, delaying your decking out significantly. You are the most powerful when youre at the bottom there, because you know and are choosing exactly what you'll get (and tutoring with Global Logistics and Mansion is super strong). Anyways, those last few cards should always be altered based on scenario. Spiderman ally needs a place against Red Skull for instance.

May 06, 2022 InigoMontoya · 4334

Moon Girl seems to be an automatic add to this deck, and my Bruce Banner AE deck.

Looks like Spidey and Iron Man could have AE decks because of Moon Girl, too.

May 06, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

@InigoMontoya Wow, it's like they made that card specifically for Wasp, Hulk or Spiderman in Alter-Ego didn't they? Genius requirement means you'd have to be flipped down, and those characters can also generate or sync nicely with mental resources. I believe quite strongly that there's been a concerted effort recently to encourage more alter-ego play with the cards they've released, especially around the Genius trait.

Jun 05, 2024 Dansome · 1

This is 2 years later, but this is my favorite W.A.S.P. deck that actually makes her interesting. I wonder if disguise will be good here for even more insane thwarting? :)