Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends (Strength In Numbers)

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StayOnTheLeader · 2000

I'm a big fan of Strength In Numbers and use it a lot, but this is the second time that I've tried it with a hero I didn't really like and had it turn them around in my eyes. Until i tried it I didn't really see that Spidey was a good fit for it.

It's kind of a bit daft really, because wih hindsight he's perfect. Good economy to play allies quickly (Mental resource generation, drawing extra cards when defending, Web-Shooters), his high DEF means he can tank villain hits and doesn't have to throw allies away, he's an Avenger so he gets Stinger and Avengers Assemble, and his Webbed Up and Swinging Web Kick he's got some powerful & expensive effects to win the game with.

Definitely the most enjoyable Spider-Man deck I've played! And because of things like Webbed Up and Enhanced Spider-Sense it plays a more controlling game than my other Strength In Numbers decks.


Dec 10, 2021 nikkapo · 1

No avenger tower?

Dec 10, 2021 StayOnTheLeader · 2000

@nikkapo you could play it but I've gone more Mighty Avengers making my allies better than from having an extra one in play but then having problems when I want to run Nick Fury or Black Cat through to draw cards. It was purely a space thing.

And also that I think there's a point where you've played enough allies and should get on with winning the game and getting to 6 allies in play is just showing off a bit!