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Welcome back to Precon Recon! Today, we're taking a look at the man who fancies himself as the "strongest Avenger," Thor, and how we've upgraded his already beefy Aggression precon. For those interested in seeing our breakdown of his core cards, feel free to stop by our BGG post here:

Smashing Through the Crowd

While serving with Earth's heroes for years, Thor is best known for his heroics in his home, Asgard, with word of mighty deeds passing from god to god. Other godlings like his sister, Angela, and the mighty Valkyrie has served by his side, and there are even some who have taken on the title of Thor in his absence. Simply put, the God of Thunder knows the support of his people, and they, in turn, assist in routing evil.

While not exactly inclined towards thoughtful strategy, Thor is known to smash through his problems with reckless abandon. He has a pretty Mean Swing when Mjolnir's at hand, and he regularly leaps Into the Fray for a Reckless Assault against his foes with an unmatched Battle Fury. He often gets so caught up in the fight, he'll shout at his opponents, taunting them and challenging them alike. All in all, Thor is a predictable fighter, but an effective one if given the space to breathe.

Hit 'Em 'Til They Can't Get Up

Thor's Precon Recon both leans heavily on the original while making some obvious updates. Valkyrie, Get Over Here!, Mean Swing, Battle Fury, and Hall of Heroes are all here, helping him to dish some much-needed damage. Angela and Thor are also here, with Angela being a very obvious upgrade and Thor feeling thematic and being a great late-game addition. Bring It!, while helpful, can only be used once per round and can only do so much, so only 2 copies here. Into the Fray and Relentless Assault are both great attacks against minions and feature energy resources, so they're only logical. Team Building Exercise can be a huge help getting some of Thor's core cards to the table quickly, and Combat Training is just logical.

You may be wondering why a handful of cards have been omitted. Heimdall is just too expensive to rationalize being here, and he'll likely be great for Valkyrie's deck when she comes out. We basically already have 3 copies of Looking for Trouble, so more just feels like overkill. And Jarnborn just makes no sense here; Thor's looking for energy resource, not physical, so it's rare you'd be able to play it. Hopefully, Valkyrie will get some use out of that as well.

It may be a little disappointing, but that's kind of how I feel about Thor as a whole. He does one thing real good, and little else. This deck just looks to capitalize on that all while remaining one of the more thematic decks we've built thus far.

As always, leave your thoughts down below, either here or on the other side, and we'll see you later this week.