Aggressive Technique

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StayOnTheLeader · 1744

I think Nebula is one of those heroes whose core 15 cards is so good and interesting that whatever aspect you put her in is always likely to take a back seat to just letting you draw and play more Technique upgrades. Here I've gone for Aggression but it's only a handful of red cards, mainly dedicated to making her basic attacks much more dangerous.

If all the stars align Nebula can basic attack for 8 damage!!! 2ATK + Combat Training + Unyielding Persistence + Hand Cannon + Godslayer

Most of the rest of the deck is dedicated to helping you draw and play Techniques, and in showcasing the fantastic Guardian allies.

The cost curve in this deck is extremely low - the only 4-cost card in Nick Fury and there's very little 3-cost cards. This has made me think about the gearing of my economy a bit and it became one of the hardest parts to get right. The Power in All of Us is a great addition when you're running all the basic Guardian allies and Knowhere, but with most of the rest of the deck costing only 1 resource it could be tricky to get maximum value from TPIAOU, and it was only when I added in the Helicarrier and Enhanced Physiques as ways of converting that 2-resource burst from TPIAOU into multiple benefits of 1 resource that it really clicked properly. Enhanced Physique is also useful as a resource for the Surprise Attacks.

It does all fit together around the edges, but the core is just being a really strong hero with incredible effects in her hero pool. Right now I'd say this deck is up there as both one of the most fun I've got and also as one of the strongest.


Oct 22, 2021 Didacles · 1

Looks nice! Just one question: Why the Honorary Guardian?

Oct 22, 2021 StayOnTheLeader · 1744

@Didacles a couple of reasons.

  1. It's nice to give Gamora extra health, her 9 is filmsy.
  2. You're in AE form a lot and in AE you're not a Guardian which can be problematic for playing Knowhere and your Guardian allies.
  3. If you dump it into an ally for an extra thwart/attack before they die it's one of the most cost-effective 0 cost cards you can play.