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Precon Recon · 152

Welcome back to Precon Recon! Today, we're taking a look at an already powerful precon, Captain America's, and seeing how we can make it just a smidge better. Feel free to check out our brief thoughts on Cap's kit and original precon here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2741051/1-2-punchboards-precon-recon-captain-america

Leading Avenger

If there's any element that encapsulates Cap, it's his ability to lead a robust team, and that's exactly what he does here. Pulling from teams across his history as an Avenger (Hawkeye, Black Knight, Falcon, Vision, Goliath, and Blade all making an appearance), he's got a pretty Mighty team of Earth's Mightiest Avengers to draw from. Using his Inspiring Presence and Teamwork, Cap will Lead From the Front, shouting his titular tagline "Avengers Assemble!" in hopes of rallying the troops. Of course, some Team Training and assistance from Avengers Tower doesn't hurt. Needless to say, if they make a Rapid Response, Cap's compatriots will take down any foe in your way.

Keep At It, Avengers!

Obviously, a lot of elements from Cap's original deck are in play here, though the number of copies of certain cards have been modified. Additionally, powerful allies like Vision, who can be fueled with what energy cards you have lying around, and Goliath, who has a pretty mighty swing with some of the buff cards here, make it a priority to keep allies out for as long as possible. Many card effects, like Earth's Mightiest and Teamwork, focus on using an ally's strength without spending them, helping you get as much of a payout as possible from allies with boosted stats. This is a deck about maintaining your ally count and taking hits for the team.

Mighty Avengers and Team Training only help to accentuate this, giving your heroes plenty of room to work, and Rapid Response will help to keep a defeated ally around (great for Goliath if you defeat him before his discard triggers). And of course, you're building towards the big Avengers Assemble/Lead From the Front turns where you will tear the board apart. This is a deck that builds momentum and eventually becomes unstoppable.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments, and we'll see you next time!


Oct 13, 2021 Tofteville · 1

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can use Super-Soldier Serum to keep Blade in play, because it has to be spent from your hand. Other than that, looks like a great deck!

Oct 13, 2021 Precon Recon · 152

That is true, good catch. Updating the description accordingly.