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teamcanadahockey2002 · 3432

Note: This is less of a decklist, and more of a compilation of combos that are only playable with cards from multiple aspects. There are 50 cards in this deck, and I think Adam Warlock's Battle Mage ability, plus Karmic Blast and Cosmic Awareness should elicit debate about the merits of a 40 vs. 50 card deck. However, this is intended to be a list of unique combos that you could try and put into an Adam Warlock deck. Feel free to add more in the comments below

Agent Coulson + Rapid Response : An old standby from Spider-Woman where you use Coulson's ability to pull Rapid Response as a prep card. When Coulson is defeated (likely by blocking for you), you can trigger Rapid Response to revive Coulson, and put RR back in your hand. Likely net cost per turn: 2 ER for 2 THW + a block

Starhawk + Knowhere + Boot Camp + Team Training: The trick to Starhawk is to always play him the turn you return him to your hand. This requires setting aside two resources, but if you do this, you can get 2 ATK and 1 THW per turn which is typical value. If you can add Knowhere, you'll also get a card draw. Add on Boot Camp and now it's 3 ATK and 1 THW per turn. Add on Team Training and with the extra hit point, now you can attack both times for 6 ATK per turn. Likely net cost per turn: 2 ER for 6 ATK + card drawn

Ant-Man or Wasp + Team Training: Since these characters require an overpayment in order to put Pym Particles on them for health points, adding Team Training to the mix allows you to play these characters for zero cost. Then they can be used as either a free block, or to attack or thwart. With Boot Camp down too, a single Wasp card now can be played to attack for 4 and Ant-Man for 3. He could also thwart 2, which is all excellent value. Likely net cost per turn: 1 ER for 3 ATK or 2 THW or a block

3 ATK Allies + Upgrades + Med Team: There are a few allies out among the different colors that have high hit points, and strong attacking stats. Using the Med Team or the Green Battle Mage ability, you can then heal these allies to keep them running for a considerable while. Main targets would be Sentry or Venom who then get Inspired, Energy Spear or Enraged. Yes, Enraged will deal an extra consequential damage, but you have solid ways to heal it. Venom is probably the best target because of the Guardian tag so he can have the Energy Spear. Likely net effects: Anywhere between 3 to 8 ATK per turn depending on which upgrades are out.

Bug + Upgrades (+ Team Training): If you're loving the Enraged on other allies, consider getting it down on Bug. He can also pick up the Energy Spear, so if he gets both of those down, he could attack for 5 (6 with inspired). Yes he will pick up 2 damage for doing this if he has the Enraged down, so you'll need to put down Team Training to make this work. However, Adam Warlock can ready after his Battle Mage ability, so you could do two attacks per turn with him, healing both damage off Bug each turn. If you invest in the Combat Training, then his basic attack gets more value. Likely net effects: Anywhere from 1 to 6 ATK from Bug per turn, plus 4 ATK from Adam Warlock over two activations, healing Bug for next time.

Speed + Inspired + Med Team + Quantum Magic: Speed's ability to thwart twice per round for a total of 4 is pretty good threat removal burst. Throw on an Inspired, and now you're doing 6 THW per round. Each Med Team token will heal these two activations, so now this makes a Med Team worth a whopping 18 THW. Use Quantum Magic to fish it out again and again. Likely net effects: 6 THW per round

Allies to consider leaving on the board:

  • Nova can be used to ping damage to minions or the villain. Karmic staff will always let it trigger the resource requirement
  • Wraith can be used to remove nasty boost effects
  • Black Widow can be used to remove nasty encounter cards

Resources/Supports/Upgrades to Include

  • Band Together makes use of the high number of allies you are likely to have down

  • Triskellion adds another ally (and don't forget Knowhere adds another)

  • Power of Leadership will pay for your Rapid Response if playing the Coulson combo

  • Power of Protection will pay for Starhawk if playing his combo

  • Welcome Aboard is effectively a double resource, but with a color on it

It's impossible to play all of these combos at the same time, but in a deck like this even, you'll probably be able to get down a few of them - it really just depends on what you draw into first. Obviously change around cards based on what you think will work and the villain you are facing, but hopefully this gives you some interesting combos to aim for.


Sep 18, 2021 Kentmonkey · 1

How are you getting Starhawk to do two activations per turn?

Do you mean per play, rather than him activating twice per turn? Or am I just not seeing something?

Sep 18, 2021 DoctorWhomst · 345

@Kentmonkey first turn: play him, atk or thw. Second turn, atk or thw, play him, atk or thw

Sep 18, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 3432

@Kentmonkey For sure, I can explain this further!

So to get two activations per turn, you need to make good use of his double consequential damage on the ATK. At first, I thought that the double consequential was a negative, but you can use it to your advantage instead. You do have to commit to playing him back down every turn though. On every turn after the first turn, you play his ATK if he has 2 HP left or his THW if he has 1 HP left. Then you get him back in hand and immediately play him again and either attack or thwart again. Which ever one you chose, you'll do the opposite to kick off the next turn. You absolutely need to activate him again so that his HP drop down again to either 1 or 2 left.

When you first play him, with his standard 3 HP, it means you get 1 THW and 2 ATK every turn for 2 ER. (Note: Doesn't work the initial turn you play him, but does thereafter). Even at those values, I feel like 1 THW and 2 ATK is worth committing 2 resources to until the end of the game as those are both good value per ER. This sort of deck makes it fun because you can then expand the combo as you eventually get to adding the supports you probably intend to play anyways.

Sep 18, 2021 InigoMontoya · 2952

This deck seems like it would be perfect for the She-Hulk/Team Training/Boot Camp/Inspired/Reinforced Suit. Throw in an Honorary Guardian, and she can get Energy Spear. That's 12 damage, even without Enraged.

Sep 26, 2021 Kentmonkey · 1

@teamcanadahockey2002 awesome, thanks for explaining. That makes a lot of sense.

Sep 26, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 3432

@Kentmonkey No problem! Once you learn the Starhawk 'trick', I think you approach him differently... he makes it into pretty much every Protection deck I make now. It's sort of like having down a Jarnborn-type card that allows you a base of 2 ATK/1 THW any turn that you have two extra resources to spend. (Very similar to the new Blade ally which gives 2 ATK or 1 THW for a single fist resource)