Venom Gone Wild

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Daringhour7 · 65

Unleash Venom’s full potential with a slew of wild resources in this thematic deck. He has tools for every situation but needs the right resources. Use stun, confuse, and overkill to outpace the villain.

Resourcefulness is the key…play it from your hand whenever possible. If you have nothing left to play you can pay to lay it down on the table to use later and cycle through your deck faster to get Venom’s guns out.

Low-cost allies are included (Angela and Cosmos) to chump block when you don’t want to exhaust (i.e. when you want to set up a big Run and Gun attack/thwart on the following round). Bug is the exception…he can stick around forever because Venom will make a lot of basic attacks (like Black-Cat for Spider-Man). Groot and Rocket Raccoon can be played based on the scenario but are included primarily for the wild resources.

Pulse Grenade plus Mean Swing ups your damage output and Skilled Strike takes it even further. Fully set up with Run and Gun you could do 17+ damage in a single turn. I like to recur Clobber by playing it first to have more resources available.

Initially, I built Venom with Justice but as I improved it I only kept in the cards that did damage…so it just made sense to switch to Aggression.