Captain Marvel - Defend & Protect (Solo)

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AllDaySon · 19

This is a core set build for Captain Marvel games (one handed solo).

The main focus of this deck is utilising the natural card draw of Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, and putting it to use by stacking upgrades on her that allow for strong defense and readying. Meanwhile, the high rate of resources helps to get the most efficient and powerful use out of her hero cards through Energy Channel and Photonic Blast.

The main difficulty in solo is mitigating the luck factor, as one bad villain boost or encounter card can put you in a difficult hole. By maximising Captain Marvel's defensive stats through Cosmic Flight, Captain Marvel's Helmet and Armored Vest, this deck is reducing the the possibility we will fall victim to boost cards that might knock our hit points down to zero. We're also going to focus on trying to put Indomitable on the table all 3 times as we cycle through our deck.

Captain Marvel should be exhausting to thwart or defend only, and let her powerful attacks do the main damage. Allies should be played frequently to assist with threat removal or minions. A few have specific goals - Mockingbird should be put into play early if there are no defensive upgrades in play, or later on if we do not have Indomitable and don't have the capacity to defend. Luke Cage should try and take the big attack (E.G Rhino's Charge) with his Toughness. Spider-Woman should be played on the rare turn we flip to our Alter-Ego to heal up.

The extra card draw through Alpha Flight Station and Avengers Mansion is used to also pull in zero-cost events such as Counter-Punch and Emergency. In solo it can be useful to have some responses in your hand for the villain phase, which helps to provide further mitigation should things go a bit south.

Finally, 3 x Med Team will be our healing throughout the game (foregoing the addition of First Aid) and should be used only on Captain Marvel or, in a pinch, Luke Cage.