Knowhere + Starhawk = 2 ATK + 1 THW + Card Draw

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teamcanadahockey2002 · 127

It finally clicked that Starhawk is a Guardian, and with him going back to my hand every turn, I can use Knowhere in order to draw an extra card every turn. On a turn, either THW 1 or ATK 2, whichever finished off his hit points. Then after he goes back to your hand, he can be played again, earning a card from Knowhere, and then THW 1 or ATK 2 again, depending on what is priority.

So building this deck around this concept, we needed a Guardian who would want to play protection. This idea could work with Gamora or Drax too, but probably fits best with Groot who can then use the 3 DEF to its fullest every turn knowing there is ATK and THW coming every turn. Therefore, Team-Building Exercises and Helicarrier are included to help play Starhawk for free every turn once down.

After that, the question becomes how to build the rest of the deck around Groot's strengths. With Knowhere down giving an extra ally, all three Multiple Men can be in play along with Starhawk, and this buys Groot some setup time. Should be able to get three rounds without getting attacked in order to grow those counters. He doesn't often take damage, so Fighting Fit gives him 3 more cards that do 5 damage for 3 ER long with Root Stomp. Along with I. AM. GROOT. this gives 8 pretty good attacks to use.

His 3 DEF makes it worth it to start defending on those turns when the Multiple Men are gone, so protections mainstays like Dauntless, Electrostatic Armor and Unflappable are all included. With Vine Shield, his 6 DEF each turn should cover most attacks, retaliating 2, drawing a card and removing thwart.

You could go with many more allies instead, trying to keep Groot upright in order to attack sooner too. I've got Cosmo and Rocket down now for their Guardian traits, but you could change them out or include others. However, if all goes well, with Knowhere and Unflappable pulling cards, I personally like to invest that into Avengers Mansion, which would start yielding 8 cards per turn by the end of the game. With a possible 10 upgrades and 5 supports and Starhawk down, at that point, you'll be cycling your deck every 3 turns, so you'll be seeing those attack cards a lot at that point.


Jul 29, 2021 Onions · 55

Great Deck! I love the Starhawk idea.

Jul 29, 2021 neothechosen · 2279

Love the deck! Cool concept! Love your ID!

Jul 30, 2021 99neil99 · 8

TBE is only applies to 3 cards which is not optimal. Your deck would improve if you replace it. Cheers.

Jul 30, 2021 Marctimmins89 · 13

@99neil99 the plan is to use it every single turn. Surely that's enough to warrant inclusion.

Jul 30, 2021 99neil99 · 8

If you drop MM for x3 guardian allies tbe & knowhere improve. My comment is about math (odds).

  • if you face certain villains that mill your deck, you could easily lose these few key cards that you seem to be relying on.

Jul 31, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 127

MM are a pretty important part of this deck. For one, if you are hoping to get Starhawk and Knowhere combo going, you get another ally slot. If you aren't playing leadership (Triskellion) or have Avengers Tower down then its not reasonable to run MM and have a constant ally as well (think Capt. Marvel in SW Blue and Green deck). This is a pretty unique opportunity to run 3 MM plus a dedicated ally. The even if you throw in a ton of allies, usually you play them one per turn so having that expanded slot matters less. But having the expanded capacity for all 3 MM at once is hard to come by.

So now that MM have good value, they really help Groot get his growth counters set up. A lot of people criticize Groot because he cant maintain those counters for his splashy hero cards. Having three rounds without defending allows a good amount of time to get all those 1 cost upgrades down so then when you want to defend you can make good use of what youve built in that time.

Jul 31, 2021 99neil99 · 8

MM has fantastic value. I dont think anyone would diasgree. It just seems your deck is hyper focused on just a few cards and if you play villains/modulars that mess with your deck your strategy will 100% go out the door. I was only providing some additional info to increase usefullness for those who want it. Running extra guardians will help knowhere be utilized more.

  • I run Groot yellow & I never have counter issues with him. A key to Groot is flipping often & knowing when to take damage and when not to. Once you figure that out, Groot is pretty solid! An added bonus is you can run the flip cards since Groot does need to flip.

Jul 31, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 127

I mean... sure. If you're playing a villian with a unique mechanism, tweak the last few cards of the deck. Either that or deal with it right?

Anyways if you have concerns for that specific case, I'd suggest taking out the retaliation cards then to play more Guardian allies then.

IMO, deck milling is less of an issue for MM because there is such a high chance of drawing one of them turn 1 with a mulligan. If you lose one to a drone for Ultron, then so be it... you always lose good cards in that scenario and just have to figure out another way. Otherwise you'll have a good chance to get those MM out before someone like Kang steals them.

Aug 02, 2021 OTamarindo · 1

How do you take exactly 3 damage every turn to get Starhawk to your hand?

Aug 04, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 127

@OTamarindo Good question! The key to Starhawk is to make sure that when you get him back in hand, you always have to play him that turn again. It does require a commitment (hence getting TBE and Helicarrier down) to always use 2 resources for that purpose.

But, then when you play him that turn, you can do an immediate action. I personally like to Thwart first leaving him with 2 HP left. Then on the next turn, you can Attack to finish him off, put him back in your hand, play him again, and then immediately Thwart again. Every turn from this point on, he will finish a turn with 2 HP left, so the next turn the double consequential damage from the Attack hits the exact right amount. (Side note: I think some players look at double consequential damage as a negative, but it can be really helpful in a situation where you really want an ally to be finished off right away. Rapid Response is another card that likes characters with double consequential damage)

Anyways, if done like this, you'll get two activations with Starhawk each round after the first time. With Knowhere down, like the deck title says, you'll get 2 ATK, 1 THW and a card draw each turn for just 2 effective resources. Hope that helps to explain the process :)

Aug 04, 2021 OTamarindo · 1

@teamcanadahockey2002 Ohhhh now I can see how, nice ... gonna try this one out !!! =D