Alter-Egos HD: Episode 2 (Xyceres - Leadership)

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From our second podcast episode:

Rapid response has been a hotly discussed and highly used preparation card that was released in the Black Widow Pack. This deck aims to focus on utilising that fact by running a majority (perhaps slightly excessive) pool of allies which are then hopefully used for achieving double value off their "enters play" effects thanks to rapid response. In particular, Nick Fury, Heimdall and Maria Hill all provide fantastic value from this effect. You can read more here about Rapid Response if interested:

I've included get ready just to experiment with accelerating the point where I hit rapid response timing and can potentially play more than one in a turn or at least trigger it for a benefit and then use safe house to return back to hand. Espionage offers card draw or deck thinning and the most satisfying combo you can pull is triggering Maria hill 3-4 times in one turn. In a 3-4 player game you'll be everyone's best friend just for fun!

Thanks for reading, I'm sure the lists have evolved and become more optimised this was created a while back when BW was first released. I'd be excited to hear and see what others have put together since then!

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