Alter-Egos HD: Episode 2 (Xyceres - Protection)

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Alter-Egos · 307

From episode 2 of our podcast:

Use Armored Vest and Energy Barrier to prevent damage to your hero while utilising the suit to attempt to ready each turn via triggering of preparation cards. As Black Widow is now your hero, it's important to be mindful of the THW potential you can put out each turn, with Winter Soldier been a crucial part of that plan.

The primary damage engine of this deck is Nova and once you place him on the table you'll have a strong engine between Quincarrier and energy resource cards to dish out consistent damage during the villain phase. A different approach to each villain than usual and quite strong into Ultron as you have multiple ways to deal small amounts of damage to multiple enemies turn to turn.

A fun defensive deck that offers a different flavor of defense compared to decks like Spider-Man.