Alter-Egos HD: Episode 2 (Remedy - Aggression)

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Alter-Egos · 307

From our second podcast episode:

Use Counter-Attack and Jarnbjorn in combination with other preparations to hit the villain extremely hard during the villain phase.

Thin your deck to play dance of death for the opportunity to trigger Jarnbjorn 3 times.

Black Widow has an extremely versatile suite of signature cards. The main thing to remember in this deck is the reduced THW potential due to a lack of running chase them down or allies like heimdall so covert ops, basic thwart and allies are your best source for controlling the threat levels.

Part of this is built to make Hulk a bit more consistent with the idea of a slight couples theme but really he can be used to block attacks if required.

It's very fast and fun to play and feels like she really does have a "Widow's Bite!"