Main Scheme. Stage 2
Hope breaks free from Stryfe's grasp, but she struggles to contain his powerful psionic energies.
"I will leave Hope to finish the job of killing you all," Stryfe laughs. "I have work to do bringing about the Apocalypse!"
Left to Your Fate
Main Scheme. Stage 2
Starting Threat: 0. Escalation Threat: 1.
Threat: 8.
Stryfe is attempting to escape into the past. Who knows what havoc he will wreak?

Stryfe gains stalwart.

Each identity gets +2 hand size. Increase the resource cost to play each player card by 1.

If this stage is completed, the players lose the game.

Pasquale Qualano & Javier Mena Guerrero
NeXt Evolution #167. Stryfe #5.
Left to Your Fate

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