Thwart: 2. Attack: 2. Defense: 2.
Health: 11. Hand Size: 5.

Skin ContactAction: Attach Touched to another character. You gain each of the attached character's TRAITS until the end of the round. (Limit once per round.)

Forced Response: After the player phase begins, find Touched and set it aside.

Joey Vazquez
Rogue #1. Rogue #.


Recover: 3.
Health: 11. Hand Size: 6.

Setup: Set your Touched upgrade aside.

WithdrawnForced Response: After you change to this form, set Touched aside.

"You couldn't live mah life."
Joey Vazquez
Rogue #1. Rogue #.
Anna Marie

Okay...I sort of bailed on Marvel Champions as the X-Men cycle began. I still collected everything, but my interest was almost zero, which is a tale for another day.

What is important is that when I finally acquired the most recent content...Rogue blew my mind.

Every turn with her is a mandatory puzzle, as you decide which card you are going to siphon for your powers. She then has several hero cards that receive bonuses based on the target you attach 'Touched' to. It's undeniably tense and difficult, making Rogue one of the most interesting characters to play in Champions.

She has the ability to stun, confuse, increase her defense, heal, did I mention stun?...she can basically improve almost any aspect of her character. It's impressive and borderline crazy.

Rogue is an incredible character that truly shines when someone is thinking long-term.

MacGhille · 194